About Me

Feb 2014 – Hello, my name is Miranda Kane. I’m definitely a stand-up comedian, writer, procrastinator and cat lover now. I was a sex-worker for 7 years, and am currently touring a show about it – www.coinoperatedgirl.co.uk. I’ve had 5 star reviews and sold out audiences at Edinburgh Festival, played Latitude and Bestival, Leicester comedy festival, Brighton and Bath fringes and more.

It’s really good! You should come and see.

Anyway, now I spend my time on twitter and gigging.

I’m also well into size acceptance. No, I don’t believe bigger is better, I just think you should be happy with whatever state your body is in without feeling judged by the media. For most of my career, I was 25st and now run www.club-indulge.co.uk, a monthly club night and event company for plus size party animals and their pals. Anyone of any size is welcome, we’re all about non-judgement 🙂

If you have any comments, or just want to get in touch, feel free to do so at mirikane@gmail.com.

No, I am not available for personal shows. You had your chance.

January, 2014

Who is this Lady of Negotiable Affection??


I’m a plus sized independent escort living and working in London. And loving it! I enjoy my job, the people I meet, and occasionally I like to write about it.

Apart from that, there’s an awful lot of other lovely stuff about me which you may – or may not – come to learn from this here blog. Or from my website at www.melodybbw.co.uk

I read a lot, and shall try and keep you abreast with whats currently coming into the bathroom with me.

A wise man once said ‘Music will get you through the times of no love, better than love will get you through the times of no music’ and I wholeheartedly agree, therefore I am continually singing the praises of stuff like Spotify,  and will be keeping you up to date with my current playlists as I go. I would also love to hear other peoples! Leave yours in the comments, and lets see whatcha got 😉

As much as I hate to admit this, I’m a massive geek. More on the literature and TV side as I never turn away a Pratchett or Gaimen, and remain constantly confused by Lost, enthralled by Battlestar Gallactica, and saved by Buffy. Games consoles are still an enigma to me. I like graphic novels, like Preacher, The Boys, Transmetropolitan and Sandman. Any recommendations are always welcome 🙂


One Response to “About Me”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Hi Melody,

    Love the saying “Music will get you through the times of no love, better than love will get you through the times of no music”

    I have never heard that before: it is very, very true.


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