On the road again…

Well, the January funk is well and truly over – there’s some exciting plans afoot for February, and I’m pretty please to be expanding my ‘repertoire’ (tongue firmly in cheek, there)

I’m going to be doing some actual speaking of the public type! I shied away from doing the Leicester Comedy Festival this year, but Leicester has still drawn me back to it’s welcoming bosom in the form of the Red Project – a series of films exploring Sex-work in the media. Check it –

5th Feb – Guest speaker at the launch event for Leicester Red Project – Pheonix Cinema, 4 Midland St, Leicester.

 12th Feb – Guest speaker at screening of Terry Jones’ ‘Personal Services’. Pheonix Cinema, Leicester

 26th February – Guest speaker at Cambridge Debating society

 28th February – Hosting ‘Comedy On The Rock’, Portland, Dorset. (www.portlandcomedy.co.uk)

 And then I’m going to be able to help the lovely people out at the National Ugly Mugs scheme by doing a fundraiser for them 🙂 It;s a fabulous honour and something I’ve always wanted to do from the start. So COME ALONG!

1st March – ‘Coin-Operated Girl’ fundraiser show. Proceeds go to National Ugly Mugs, support for sex-worker safety.

7.30pm – Kraak, 11 Stevenson Square. TICKETS HERE.

Exciting, innit?!

Now I just have to figure out what to say…



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