All the Lonely People..

There are some brilliant things happening…


If you want to think negatively of sex workers, then you really need to open your eyes because exciting times are afoot.

We have the lovely Becky Adams opening brothels specifically for people with disabilities. Check her out!

How has it taken us this long to do that? Apparently, we live in 2013 – an age of equality and enlightenment, but some Daily Mailers just can’t help but kick up a fuss because a certain group of people just want to get laid.

The rather fabulous Laura Lee is making a scene and is an activist butterfly, standing up for herself, her clients, and fellow sex-workers.

As ever, Dr Brooke Magnanti isn’t sitting back either, and is – quite rightly – at the heels of the Irish parliament, pointing out that making the purchase of sex illegal will not make it safe. Why do people get those two words mixed up?  But the best place to check that out is who have been doing sterling work of keeping everyone up to date on the hearings.

The world is changing, and it’s because of strong, independent women like these. The ‘people’ (for want of a better word) who look at them and can’t see past their job choice need to look at their lives and see if – in any possible way – they themselves have made the world a better, safer place to be. They probably haven’t, but that’s usually out of fear – the same fear that drives them to hate the things they don’t know.

And maybe that’s why they feel the need to Hate. They just have nothing better to do, and are a teensy bit jealous that someone’s making the world a better place whilst all they can do is watch the world go by from their mediocre life with their mundane job, having vanilla sex with other beige people.

I haven’t met any Haters. But that’s easy though, innit? In the SW classroom, I’m the one trying to ease the tension over a joke and a Kit-Kat. I couldn’t do what these ladies do, I simply haven’t got the intelligence for it. But what I can do is support.

I’ve been the victim of bullying – it was long ago, and it was far away, and I’d quite happily punch someone in the throat if I thought they were going to try it again – but sometimes just saying ‘they’re wrong’ can help. Someone’s got to do this – you change or die, right? Evolve or evaporate. Entropy leads to decay….that’s your standard law of thermodynamics, that is.

And I, for one, am glad I’m on the winning team.

In other news – COG continues on it’s merry way through the UK. I’m in Leicester Comedy Festival 18th Feb – 20th Feb..and tickets are actually selling! That’s always nice! Complete strangers, wanting to come and see me…pretty exciting!

I’ve also been schmoozing with the stars (I met two boys from Hollyoaks), been offered some key gigs (going to be MCing at a local comedy night) and will be doing the show at Bestival Festival! (That’s just true. I’m going glamping!)

So things are good, the force is certainly a lot calmer than it has been. Things seem to be…moving. In the world, in my head, in general. That’s always nice.


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