Catch-Ups & Cancellations

It’s been a wild ride, that’s for certain!

Soon after the Camden Fringe, Team Coin-Op got offered not one, but two slots at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 2 shows a day, and several open spots to plug the shows turned me into a little dynamo! It was awesome, exhausting, and totally worth it.

Now that it’s been performed a few more times, it’s getting better and better. I really hope that if you saw it in Camden, you can come and see it again – just to see the little improvements here & there. If you can’t come this month, then rest assured there will be plenty of shows next year as we enter Fringe season throughout the UK!


In the meantime, I’m trying to find spots in as many local theatre/halls/ rooms above pubs as I can to keep it in tip top condition. And I was lucky enough to find a couple of nights at the amazing Leicester Square Theatre!

But it’s been a while. Edinburgh exhausted me, and I spent all the time I should have used concentrating on real life on concentrating on Edinburgh. So I came back to a mish mash of troubles and traumas, which used up my whole September. So now I’m making up for lost time, and getting back on the ball.

But first, I have to wipe away those cognitive cobwebs, bring out the mental mind hoover, and pull off the dust sheets on my brainium and get back into the swing of things. So I’m doing a preview show – good for me to rehearse in, and excellent for you as an audience member cos it’s free!

Hang on, let me stop waffling and add in the details in an eye-catching bold, italicised and underlined style (not that that ever helped when I was trying to explain the more important details of contacting me when I was escorting)



The Pipeline Bar, 94 Middlesex St, E1 7DA

Leicester Sq Theatre – Tickets £8/£6.

Saturday 20th October – 7pm

Sunday 21st October – 6pm

So I’m doing it! I’m really doing it! It’s proving to be a bit of a success, and I’ve had great feedback  both from WG, punters, friends, press and complete strangers. I’m over the moon! I’m also on  massive learning curve, this being the first time I’ve ever attempted anything like this and all. So far, it’s going OK. I’m sure there are more things I could be doing, and probably better ways to do the things I am, but I guess I just have to pick these things up as I go…

No change there then!

My biggest disappointment so far has been having to cancel tonight’s show. I was supposed to be doing the preview tonight, but have been struggling with the flu for two days, and can’t move without hacking up a lung. I’ve felt bad when doing stand-up before, and it always kills me – it’s just never as good as I want it to be, so it knocks me for next time. You don’t deserve a bad show that’s half-arsed, and filled with me apologising for coughing my guts up every 2 minutes, so let’s wait shall we? That’s the ole’ Work Ethic kicking in! And a reluctance to start the next pandemic…

Other than that, what else have I been up to? Mainly emails like this –

‘Hi, I couldn’t find any details for you on your website. Can you tell me about yourself – rates etc?’

‘You can’t find details because I’m retired. Like it says on BOTH pages of my very empty website.’

‘Can you make an exception?’


‘How about just coming for a drink with me?’

Gentlemen, sit down, take a breath, and have just the tiniest think about that for a second.

If someone’s retired from their work – no matter what their profession is – and retired early no less, it would make sense they do not wish to continue in that field. Not for a few days here and there, not as a consultant, they just want to leave and concentrate on their allotment in kent, or their new found love of ferret breading. Asking them if they can come in and do it for free, therefore, would make you a fucking idiot, yes? Wouldn’t you agree?

I’m not working, and I’m not going to have a drink with you. Mainly because the only thing I know about you is a) You hang around prostitution websites and b) You’re an idiot. You could also be a C) Just too fucking lazy and cheap to come to a show, stick around after and say ‘That was great!’ then buy me a drink anyway…!

In the grand scheme of things, I’m making it pretty damn easy for you to, y’know, find out where I’ll be and get me a beer!


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