30 Minutes of fame

There appears to be some confusion.

Men seem to be forgetting what they’re paying escorts for.


They seem to think they’re paying for costumes, lighting effects, all manner of equipment and tools, and all for the least amount of money as possible.

What you are – in fact – paying for is for a woman to open her legs, and let you have sex with her. That’s it. That’s all. The rest is a rather nice bonus.

When you break it down, pretty much everything apart from the sex is a bonus. From showers, nails, hair and make up to strap on, thigh highs and even the bed we let you lie on.

Sadly, the more you forget that, the least likely you are to get an appointment. Especially you half hour chaps.

You, yes you. You want to pay the rock bottom price you can, expect appointments within the hour, and still expect a quality service where your sordid dreams can come true. They can’t. We’re good, but bending space, time, and mindreading are still a bit above us.

So I’m tempted to do away with them totally.

A half hour appointment should be a quick bit of fun, a break in the weather, a chance for you to have a bit of fun with a lady of your choice. Not a chance for you to start dictating what costume and props must be involved, the script, and stage managing the whole thing.

Would you get that in a sauna, or parlour? No.

So what are my options? Either I ban them, or make them worth my while.

I want to give people the cheaper option, but it’s just not working out for me guys. You’re taking the piss, and something’s gotta give.


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