Summer Breeze, makes me feel fine…

I haven’t been working regularly for the last couple of weeks. Normal life and Other Stuff has just gotten in the way. Plus I can have long, unrelenting, unmeasurable periods of sheer lazyness. I make no apology for it, it’s lovely.

But this week, I have regained my get-up-and-go, and have been delighted by some of the people who have joined me and got-down-and-came!

The world seems to have woken up to spring, and it’s feeling horny. Fortunately, I’m here to take advantage of all that Spring Morning Glory. And about bloody time too!

Tragically, as an escort, I can’t pick and choose when to have sex. No doubt that when I’m horny, my phone is dead. I try everything – hanging around on sex work websites, camming, I even send out a special offer on my text alert service (leave your number in the box, yo!) but sometimes that itch just ain’t scratched. I am at the mercy of punters.

Tragically, my libido has been in Working Girl mode for the past 7 years, and it look like it won’t relent easily. In fact, it gets worse the older I get! It’s just that I get it sated pretty quickly in this job, but when I don’t I really notice it.

I’m enjoying being a single gal, so relationships are off the cards (not that they’ve ever really been on them in the first place). Fuckbuddies are far too much hard work, as is actually going out to try and pull for a drunken, lacklustre one night stand. I’m actually giving serious consideration to the likes of punter_grrl and tempted to just buy a boy! Yes, it’s easier, yes it’s an on demand service – I can choose who I want to see. Wow! That’s a concept that I actually haven’t ever thought about. All my clients are people I want to see, even though I have no idea what they look like. Maybe I’ve just never been very picky. But I almost always find something I really like about them. Usually it’s as basic as their head between my legs, but still…


Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not about to start handing out freebies. I suspect that when I retire, I shall still send out a message or two to those lucky enough to have placed their number in THIS BOX when I told them to. But it would be nice, wouldn’t it, if I didn’t have to wait. If I could spend lazy, sunny saturdays morning rolling around on a bed, going from sensuality to steaminess in a heartbeat.

Maybe the sunny Spring has gotten to me, maybe I’m just getting older and in heat – although I’m pretty sure I’m still far too young for The Change. Who knows though. I’ve already changed my radio presets to include Radio 4, and I’m buying CD’s from the poundshop exclaiming ‘But that’s a classic!’.

But now is the season for flimsy summer dresses that go just a little bit see through when the light hits them. Delicate skirts will billow around thighs. No longer will our cleavage be covered by scarves and jumpers. Sandals and flip flops are coming for those foot fetishists amongst you, and bare shoulders, arms and legs will be out for those who appreciate those other fine points on a lady.

Everyone will gain just a little bit more colour. There will be smiles, and picnics, and warm scented nights that make you want to be lying in a field, listening to that amazing band.

All the pictures of the 60’s we see, all the depictions of ‘Free Love’ are of hippies in the summer. They don’t show them in the rain, with daisies drooping out their hair and their mascara running (not unless it’s in conjunction with a protest) No, it’s all sun sun sun. And no wonder.

I think if I was a Free Love kinda gal, I’d wait till the summer too.






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