I love my job. I do. Any long term readers would have seen me rave and enthuse about various incredible parts of this industry. Of course, there are a hell of a lots of rants too, but welcome to the blogosphere – Where venting your spleen is available at the touch of a button.


I love the sex, I love the money. I love the travelling, the midnight drives through London to 5* hotels, and executive suites. I love dressing in stockings, sexy lingerie, and feeling my body wrapped in curve accentuating outfits. I love watching those curve accentuating outfits fall to the floor as a stranger delicately unwraps me or rips them off in a fit of lust (doesn’t matter which, of course I love both). I love talking – to clients and to other escorts, getting advice, and hosting great parties. I love bitching about crazy clients and the frustrating conversations I seem to encounter every single day. I even love doing a Domination session with no information, and about 10 minutes to prepare, and getting it right. Hitting all the right buttons, and – seemingly – reading their mind. I love being The Best.


But it’s changed. I’m sat in Edinburgh, watching the world go by, and feeling the strain of whatever has changed in the last few months. I could blame a lot of things, and I think it’s an amalgamation of everything –  The financial situation of the whole world, more BBWs coming on to the market, advertising costing more but delivering less…the list goes on. But I’m feeling the strain, and I’m feeling like the escorting world has moved on, and left me behind. It’s now filled with vile things, and I’m still trying to cling on to my little bit of class and sanity. I’m still trying to offer companionship and a girlfriend experience, where everyone else seems to be on ‘HOTHOTHOTHORNYACTION! £1 A MINUTE SEXY GURRRLS!’ and guys are falling for it.


If I retire, it will be with a heavy heart. It won’t be because I’ve come to dislike the job, more just because it’s not practical any more. I pour more and more into advertising, and getting my information out there, but I feel like it’s all just a piss in the ocean. And no matter what I do, I always seem to come up against the phrase ‘There’s no money in it anymore.’


Even the sex itself has become disheartening. It used to be sexual, raw, passionate and filled with lust. Now all guys seem to want is to just lie back and surrender, rather than ravish and seduce. I love a good Domme session, I do. But not all the time. Sometimes it’s incredibly dull to watch a guy lie back, and do nothing. Especially when they’re bleating ‘I just want to please you! (But I don’t want to put any effort in)’


Maybe I’ll get myself a Christmas job. Return to alarm clocks and staff meetings. Kill myself slowly with blue skies, thought showers and base touching.


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  1. Kinky Says:

    Hi Ms M, sorry to see you’re feeling down. The whole industry’s changed, and not for the good I’m sorry to say. Why do you think I’m working my way out of it? Chin up, chick. Big kisses.xx

  2. vanessa Says:

    Its like here the last few weeks in sydney too.Have Asians flying over for a few weeks booking into a city hotel advertisingcheap rates and natural french/come in the mouth.I used to only do massage now do full service and independant and still are broke at the end of the week after the outgoing costs.Spoke to other girls too and they are having same problems.I have done 1 customer so far out of 2 days booked in a city hotel this week,haven’t even recovered my hotel costs back yet and will probably be broke for Xmas.Sex worker broke? Doesn’t make sense does it.

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