Enough is enough, is enough…

Outcalls seem to have two schools of thought. A) do the deed and off you go. B) Stay, rest, play some more.


I think it’s sad when girls (and I think it’s mostly agency ones) jump up once they’ve finished, and rush off. They’ve been paid for an hour, at least give the client the option! I always ask if they’d like me to let them rest, or if I should stay and give them a massage etc to help them get their second wind.


But Ladies, always remember that you are in control. I read and hear about so many frustrating and tragic cases which always seem to contain the words ‘I should have left there and then’, and the situation esculates into something really bad.

You are in control, and can always walk out of the room at any time –  as long as it’s for good reason. I would never condone someone walking out just because the client has climaxed. Like I said, give the option. But on no account should you stay there if you feel in danger or in a situation you’ve tried your best to resolve, hasn’t improved.


For instance, if someone does something I don’t like, I ask them not to do it. If they do it again, I ask them again, and say it’s their last warning. Once more, and I cease proceedings and walk out. You always have the power to stop.Last night, I made several remarks about how I didn’t like the way he was speaking to me, and that I would go if he continued…he continued, I went.


If you did something the client didn’t like, you’d be certain not to do it again, right? They’d probably tell you to leave and give them the money back! So make sure they get the hint too. Don’t stand for a finger in the arse just because you’re afraid that if you ask him to stop, you’ll get a bad review. That is the only reason I can think of why WGs end up in situations they should have walked out of a long time ago! Fair enough, back when I was a bit greener, I wanted complete client satisfaction – being a good Pro is as much my fantasy as it is theirs, but you can’t let a bloody work ethic get in the way of your safety…


If you’re nervous about leaving before the hour is up and exercising your right to Not Put Up With Shit, here’s a few more tips..


1) Give warnings. Your first can still be a nice, smiley ‘Oooh…that’s not quite as erotic as you think it is’ (I give that if someone rams their tongue in my ear. I mean, a nibble and a lick can be fun and hit the erogenous zone right on the button, but not when they stick it in their like a dog on hot chips). The second should be sterner ‘Sorry, I said I really don’t like it…please don’t’. And if they keep going, off you go. ‘I told you I didn’t like it, and now I’m leaving because I really don’t want you doing it again.’

2) Wear something easily removable/wearable. I’ve never seen the point in wearing a suit. Probably because if I try and get it off in an erotic manner, I get my heels caught in some random part and fall over. Wraparound dresses are good, or ones you can slip on over your head. Zips at the back are a no-no. Of course, feel free to go with lovely dresses with back zips/suits if you know the client. They can, after all, be very sexy to peel out of. But if you’re worried, a one item, easy wearable outfit is the way to go.


3) Get the money first. The fact that I have to even write this down is enough to make my desk groan in expectation of my head hitting it at high velocity. GET THE MONEY FIRST! Tuck it into a safe pocket in your bag, keep your bag next to you, never leave the room without your bag. Ther. Done. Easy. Simples.


4) Don’t panic. Do you know where a man’s blood is when you’re mid flow and he’s just done something that’s really turned him on, but is ultimately a no-no to you? It’s not in his brain, that’s for sure. You can swiftly walk out, and he’ll still be a little dumbfounded and wondering where the fuzzy feeling in his crotch has gone. Wherever you are, there will be guests/neighbours to hear you shout if he does get the wherewithall to run after you. He wont. And if he does, then it proves it was best you left as early as possible in the first place.


Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should go over the tiniest, frustrating little detail. We all put up with those 99% of the time. Last night I surprised myself, but I don’t get paid to be belittled. And, after all, I did what I had been paid to do, the conversation was supposed to be a bonus.


But just look after yourself. In this job, we leave ourselves more exposed, and vulnerable than any other profession. In the heat of the moment, guys will take advantage of that. They might not realise they are, but if you let them, they will.

As exciting and erotic as the whore/client relationship can be, sometimes we have to burst the bubble and pause the fantasy, just a little, and remind them we’re human.


One Response to “Enough is enough, is enough…”

  1. Elrond Says:

    Your comment on some outcalls leaving as soon as the deed is done is not something I have yet come across as a client. I almost exclusively do outcalls these days from a mixture of independents to agencies. None have yet rushed out as soon as I have had my orgasm. Instead we cuddle, talk and get to know each other. If anything the time is longer.

    The money up front, still so many don’t ask fo it. As a clinet I do try ang give it up front. Nothing worse than realising after some hot sex that both of you have forgotten the money.

    Yes you do have boundaries and we all should respect each others. You warning system is exemplary. The ear is on I came across, one girl I knew where I lightly kissed her ear said a firm NO. Turned out she hated her ears, and belly button from being kissed.

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