Where is my mind…

Phew! I’ve had a blog sort!

So – I’ve made it a bit easier to read if you’re a newcomer and want to read about various things. I’ve finally Catagorised!

Now what you can do is decide upon which part of my life you want to look at. Or, indeed, don’t. Up to you. So what have we got?

Appointments of note

I suspect this is what most of you marauding males want to go to first. But be warned, I rarely kiss and tell, and mainly do it if there’s a lesson to be learnt! But some are juicy, and some are not. Some are maybe just one’s that I enjoyed šŸ˜€

Being a BBW

Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s just glorious! Herein are the ins and outs of being a Plus sized person, whether it comes to sex or not..

But yeah, mainly when it comes to sex šŸ˜‰ What can I say? Fat Girls Do It Better!

Daily Life

Does what it says on the tin. Personal stuff – either titillating or tenuous, you decide.

Geek Out!

Yes, underneath this sex kitten exterior is a MASSIVE geek! A gadget carrying, comic book collecting, D&D playing, box set watching geek. Be warned!

Hints & Tips for hos & pros

I get a lot of emails and communications from ladies wanting to know how I do what I do. I always start with ‘It’s not easy’. Sadly, I’ve seen what happens to Ladies who try and help others. So I stay out of it. But just in case you’re determined, try this. You probably won’t like it. Escorting is NOT as easy as it seems. Like any business, you need investment – Especially money, and plain common sense.

If I wasn’t selling it, I couldn’t give it away.

I’m a single girl. Sometimes I don’t want to be, other times I’m glad I am. Here’s various dating disasters and single gal soliloquies…

Obvious Idiots

..or ‘Shit men say when they’re horny’. Yep, does it exactly what it says on the tin. We all know a man isn’t at his intellectual best when sex is involved, but surely they can’t be this thick?

Think again..

Pointers for Punters

Thinking of coming to see a special Lady of Negotiable Affection? Well, make the most of it by taking note of the good, the bad, and the just plain crazy…

Posts of note

These are some of my better posts, or just things I feel passionate about/ fun rants. There are times I remember fondly, or just make me giggle! Quite a big category, but hopefully worth it.

Sex & Religion

Because I love sex, and hate religion. And yet a lot of it goes hand in hand! Posts about various sex subjects, and rants about how some people just want to ruin it for the rest of us.

Travel, tours and parties

All my shenanigans away from East Finchley. In the time I’ve been working, I’ve been to Paris, Tunisia, Egypt, Edinburgh, Boston and New York. Twice. Sometimes for work, sometimes not, but one thing this job does afford is a lot of money, and a lot of free time. So why not make good use of it?

There’s past tours, and upcoming ones, and plenty of news from inside the Curvy Girl Party camp!

Then there’s the uncategorised stuff. That’s all good too! I just… don’t know where to fit it šŸ™‚

So, there you go. That’s how to read this blog šŸ™‚ 201 posts, sorted.


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