The Good, The Bad, and the crazy..

Just had a bad session.

It was more of a bad session than a bad client, although he didn’t help.

I’d done the usual line of enquiry – what would you like to do, anything particular you’re interested in etc. Just a bit of facesitting, really, and some usual fun. No worries, thinks I. Facesitting with some GFE.

When he arrives, I ask if he’d like a shower. ‘Oh, I’m clean’ Really? Have you been travelling for long? Been on the underground? Apparently he’d just been on for 20 minutes, which is usually fine.

Anyway, it all went a bit stagnant. There was no spark or energy coming from him, and it seemed like I had to start telling him every little tiny thing to do, even to getting his clothes off. Cos, y’know, that’s a kind of vital thing to do when seeing an escort, don’t you think?

But when he did, he stank. I was on the verge of asking him to go for a shower, but decided to go for the facesitting, and hope I didn’t have to lick much.

Then he just lay there, like a went fish. I did my best to get him more involved, see if there was anything else he wanted, but no…just nothing.I got so frustrated I started really going into Domme mode, which he kind of responded to. But FFS, if you wanted domination, why not say?! Again, my mindreading must not be as up to scratch as he’d like..

After a bit of facesitting, we tried some more bits and pieces, and as much as I Ooh’d, Ahh’d, it was just dull to the point of painful. I was pretty pleased when he said he couldn’t cum and by the time he’d had a shower (hopefully) it was the end of the session anyway.

He told me he was off to Soho. Maybe he’ll have more luck with the walk-up girls there. Seeing as they charge per service, he’ll have to ask for something. God knows what though…

(As for travelling, turns out he’d come quite a distance. Just the last 20 minutes was on the underground, but he forgot to mention the hour by train, and the 3 changes.)

It really is very simple. In order to make the most of your visit, there are three vital things to remember – Money, Hygene, and Active Participation. Get involved! Go on…get as active as you want, because the more you give, the decidedly more you get!

As this young gent found out –

Thats right, it’s a review!!

It’s been a while since my last, but at least you know they’re gonna be 100% genuine!

But I had a great time with Mr P –  I even blogged about it! He wasn’t afraid to ask for what he wanted, and really let me know the score. I had a great time, and glad to see he did too 😉 It really pays to communicate what you want, no matter what it is. No doubt we’ve heard it all before!


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