He’s gotta be strong, and he’s gotta be tough, and he’s go to be fresh from the fight..

Domination & submission is a tricky thing. It’s filled with perils, dangers, and selfishness. I’m not talking about the physical dangers either, but the real possibility of going out of your mind as you get more and more frustrated with the cock knockers you come up against…

What do I mean…

Well, I don’t think anyone truly submits. I think that a lot of submissives/slaves are actually very selfish, and lazy.

The ‘submissives’ I’ve come across in this business basically just want to be tied to the bed and screwed for an hour. Let me tell you, as a Domme, that’s not fun. It’s hard work. What am I supposed to do? Spend half an hour giving a blow job, and another riding away on top? So I just get lockjaw and knackered. No thanks. ‘Use me as a fucktoy!’ they cry, ‘ride my face and my cock!’. No, why don’t you just buck your ideas up, and put some effort in. That’s the only way to have great sex…when both of you are putting your back in.

I don’t tend to take many tie & tease calls – not unless they have a real idea about what they want. If I can do some nipple play, anal play, CBT…at least it gives me something else to do. Some way in which I can spice it up. But the ‘Do Me, Do Me, Do Me’ types can just jog on.

And yes, I do have a choice. Need I remind you I’m doing this job because I enjoy it, and can therefore take the calls I want to do. So there!

However, I do have a lot more fun with the clients who know a bit more about BDSM. I have a savage, sadistic side that I just love to indulge once in a while. Spanking, collaring, humiliating, kicking, spitting, biting, pulling, pinching, twisting, glorious. Love it. Let me go wild. Dress you up as a girl? Sure – just bring your own clothes (cos you’d have to be an idiot to think I could ‘stock’ female clothes for anyone who walks in my door. All sizes and styles? Yeah, cos I live in New Look. Whatevs) and I’ll put on your make up and make you look purty. Watersports? No problem. But let’s just do something. Don’t just lie there, and think that someone who doesn’t know you, doesn’t know what you like, and can’t read your mind, is going to be able to give you some kind of Ultimate Pleasure. We can’t. Get real.

As for the ‘slaves’, even they can always just unlock the metaphorical, and physical, collar and just walk away. No matter how much they say ‘you can do whatever you want to me’, you seriously can’t. I’m forever telling clients and you, dear readers, that a phrase like that will end up with me tying someone to the bed, and fucking off to do my shopping. In a way, a slave can be even worse than the lazy sub. ‘Oh, you can own me, do whatever you want to me!’ No, because no matter how much of the fun stuff you do – slave registry, tattoos, collars – they can just walk away. It’s nothing more than self-indulgent lip service that will do nothing more than give them a hard on.

So why Im I having a rant about this?

Because I miss men. I’ve had some great appointments this week – from soft, sexy GFE (with both parties being involved, and loving it!) to one where I played the sub.

I don’t do submissive stuff with clients. I will never get tied up, blindfolded, spanked etc…it’s not safe, and it’s not my thing. But this one was a bit more of a roleplay, and I got a kick out of a guy having the balls to know what he wanted. Fortunately, what he wanted was nothing beyond GFE stuff anyway, but at least he knew. At least he said. He didn’t just think that I’d had some mysterious concubine training with a mystical master in the art of sensuality and the Karma Sutra, and could magically hit his buttons.

I get so many sackless, drippy men who want to be ordered about – but they run a mile when it suddenly gets too much for them. It’s frustrating because unless they communicate with me, I’m never going to know what their limits are. And do you know what men can be really, fucking bad at? Talking! Opening their mouths, and expressing themselves.

I’m seriously fed up of it, especially on a personal scale. There must be something in the water. I’m sure the Vikings never acted like this.

But if you’re thinking about indulging in some Domination, then do. Go for it. But if you think ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to’ is going to get you a mind blowing experience? Be prepared for a stern and strong kick in the balls, followed by a short walk to the door minus £150.


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