What did I miss?

Well, hellooooo possums!


I’m back! Refreshed, rejuvenated, and with my scorn bucket at an all time low I’m ready to get back on the wagon. Or at least in the bed..


I had a momentary dalliance with the rat race, mainly to help out a friend and take a little break from the general loonies who call me on a daily basis. I didn’t quite manage to get rid of the mentalists, but gained back my love of lie-ins, long lunches, and cunnilingus. So thumbs up all round!

So what’s been happening? What did I miss? Did you miss me? I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that as well as joining the plankton, I’ve been doing a little painting of the infamous 60’s bathroom in my working flat, and learning more about the wonderful world of Femdom.  I’ve definitely got a few more tricks under my sleeve, as well as some rather nifty spanking equipment that I just cannot wait to try on a few bouncy bottoms out there! So line up, line up, and watch the Coin-Operated Girl go! Minimal wind-up required..


So over the next couple of days, I shall be posting a few ads, probably doing a bit of camming (Best to join my twitter feed for seeing when) and generally letting the world know that I’m back in business!


And then I’ll be posting the general idiocy I’ll be called with on here…what fun!


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