Guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime…

Phew! Been a while, innit!

Well, have joined the vanilla world, just for a bit, and hopefully it’ll help me get my mojo back. No offence, lads, but some of you can be utter Idiot-holes, and it was getting to me.


A haitus is in status whilst I race with the rats and swim with the sharks! I’m going to try and set something up though. I might try working more in the centre of London (probably Euston) for one day a week (probably Friday).

So what I’m trying to say is…I expect I’ll soon be available for Fridays ONLY in Euston.

I tried doing evenings, I really did. But after working an actual days work, no chance. Another reason why, if your M’Lady only works in the evening/ daytime, you should respect her more, as I suspect she has a whole other life to keep up with!

I can barely keep up with this one.


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