Monday, Monday..

.. I start a new job.

Oh yes, my awesomeness prevails in the real world as it does in the escorting one! Well, a bit of it has anyway.

Come Monday, I shall be joining the Plankton, returning to the rat race and putting my nose to the daily grind. Oh yes, real work awaits!

Now, don’t panic. My particular Real Life specialty has pretty much no money in it – which is really going to confuse the persistent clients out there who thought that asking me what I do in my personal life is going to get them anything but a big fat lie. (Gonna be hard to convince them there’s no money in being a vet/ yoga trainer/ acrobat…)

So I shall be a part timer, at least until I can see how this whole ‘working’ thing pans out. Evenings & Weekends only for the forseeable I’m afraid.

What can I say? I’ve been here for 5 years, plenty of time for you to have picked up the phone and make an appointment! Now you’ve missed your chance….boy, did you miss out!


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