Oh, The Times They Are A-Changing..again.

..especially when I just found out my advertising costs have gone up by 50% and my enthusiam has gone down by about the same.

It appears this burst of brightness has decreased the amount of lead in the nations pencils. I blame beer gardens. Lovely, lovely beer gardens…

Sorry, but it looks like it might be might time to exuent stage left, and retire.

Things have changed. The great thing about being a BBW when I first started – ooh…over 6 years ago now –  was the we were a niche market. There were only a few, and those few took a lot of pride in themselves. It was considered a short-term fantasy, with many flamers throwing their views about and slamming us on boards and forums all over the internet. We stuck together a bit more, and – for good or for bad – communicated. But we all worked hard, and there seem to be an unspoken agreement amount how much we charged – keeping it about the same as everyone else. I know I did, it seemed the fair thing to do.

Of course, BBW escorts and fans were here well before my time. But now I can’t help but notice a whole lot of market flooding, and we’re all paying the price of popularity. It also doesn’t help that advertisers have lept upon our sudden need to get noticed above a crowd, and charges have become extortionate. Whereas there used to be 10-20 BBWs in the country, there’s now that amount in one area of London alone. And, unfortunately, this glut has lead to me having to slash prices like Wolverine with his adamantium claws.

Quite frankly, I’m worth more.

Plus, the quality of my clientele has certainly taken a dive. Maybe I’m just getting old and fussy, but there something about a nice, humourus, conversational tone that makes me look forward to a visit. A call that starts with ‘Aiight, dat Melody tho’? Yeah, you do sex, izzit’ makes me want to want to crawl in the shower, and weep for Shakespeare, Keats and Wordsworth.

My private life has changed, too. I’ve found more than I could ever have hoped for at a time when I had – typically – given up. Although my job is not an encumbrance, I’m certainly feeling like I could invest more of myself if I had a bit more job certainty, and maybe just a dash of monogamy…

So, the search has begun. I’m not saying it’ll be immediate, and it certainly won’t be forever. I’ve applied for jobs in my previous field, a field in which there’s no money or fringe benefits, so I expect I’ll do a little part-time whoring on the side to keep me in sweets and comic books. Evenings will be hectic, but perhaps I can do some Saturday Specials 😉

Anyway, I’m tired of bargain hunters and idiots who have no idea just how much hard work we have to put in to an appointment. So for these last (hopefully) few weeks, it’s full price. But Good Goodayumn, you’re getting a hell of a bargain!


One Response to “Oh, The Times They Are A-Changing..again.”

  1. AllanH Says:

    For those of us who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you, it’s been great relishing the prospect of one day encountering someone who not only is aesthetically ideal, but also has a creative intellect and humour such as you do.

    Whatever vocational path you take, be sure there are plenty of us who do appreciate your talents, even though some can only do so from afar.

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