30 Day song Challenge – Day 8

day 08 – a song that you know all the words to

Once upon a time, I was young and naive/optimistic enough to think that liking a boys favourite songs would mean that boy would like me back.
Unfortunately, said boys favourite songs came from ‘The Rocky Horror Show’. Only took me a few more years to figure out that no matter what I did, it would have been totally futile! Ahh well, still didn’t stop me from totally digging the show anyway.

In other news, I have a job interview tomorrow. An actual interview for an actual job. I haven’t been looking – fortunately I like whoring enough to consider it a jolly good way to pass the time – but if something comes up that I like the look of, I’ll dip my toe in the water and see what happens. Usually, nothing. So an interview is a bit of a step up for me!

Considering this is my first interview in several *cough*years*cough*, and my current CV has more holes in than a condom in a fertility clinic, I’m not exactly hanging up my sussies just yet. But if, just if I was invited to return to the rat race, it would mean starting on Monday – eep!

Last week of whoring? I doubt it – the pay is crazybad – but certainly wont be able to do it during the day anymore. Now, there are several ways one can over come this –

1) Hire a maid – someone who can take your calls, explain your details, and book appointments for when you can make it. I’m pretty tempted to do this, but considering the state of a guys brain when they call me up, I think the possibility that they are talking to someone who works for me, but is not me, or a pimp, would just blow their mind…

2) Texts/emails only. Least favourite option. I always prefer to speak to a guy on the phone because one must always follow their instincts when they speak to a guy. And so far, they’ve been on the spot.

3) Diary on the website. Unfortunately, I doubt this would work very well either. Considering the average Man-Look on my site is Enter->Gallery->Contact-> use phone number, call, and wonder why I get directed BACK to the website when I start asking a load of stupid questions.

4) This is all academic because my patience with other people has been worn away to the size of an amoeba. And that amoeba decided to break amoeba tradition and grow legs just so it could move to a deep, dark hole a long time ago.


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