30 Day Song Challenge, Day 5

Day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone

Adam Buxton – The Festival Song

One of my most drop dead gorgeous clients was *just* like this. It was the middle of festival season, and he enthused about which ones he’d been to and how ‘Just Fabulous’ they were…but I think he must have been in the music biz, because it sounded like he was cruising and schmoozing with the bands, and living in a more comfortable environment than a tent from Argos, with a sleeping bag that’s like toilet paper at night*, but a sauna in the morning.

Now, I’ve been to a fair few festivals, and met no bands, did no schmoozing, and seemed to spend the whole time with a backache from lugging a tent and enough shit for 3 days in a field. Oh, and that shitty plastic mat you’re supposed to sleep on. Can’t forget your shitty plastic mat!

Sufficed to say, I don’t do many festivals any more. And if I do, they involve proper chairs and lots of cocktails…

Hang on…

Oh christ.

I’ve become a festival wanka!

*I remember getting so cold at Reading once, I burnt my dirty socks and pants just so we could keep the fire going that extra few seconds more.



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