The power of Muff

I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m a Power Muff Girl. My bush remains untouched by any razor, wax, nor hair removal cream. Thats not to say I think everyone should follow in my footsteps..

If you want your balls paid particular attention to, you really should start by paying attention to them yourself!

A cleanshaven scrotum is definitely most appreciated. I, however, will remain au natural. Double standard? Indeed. And if you think this is unfair, feel free to stomp and cry and send complaint letters to my manager who is…wait a minute, let me think…Oh yes…ME!

It hasn’t always been the case. I did used to preen and pluck for hours on end.  A lot of fuss, and an awful lot of bother. And I could never get it looking quite right anyway.

So I went through a stage of having it all waxed off. That’s right, hot wax on a cold moo-moo, only for it all to be ripped off by a small sadistic Japanese lady who would have made a killing if she had her own dungeon.

But I soon got bored with this bi-monthly torture session, and decided to stop.

No plucking, no waxing, not even a trim. And do you know how many people have complained in the last 3 years?


Nada, zero, zip. If a guy asks, I’m always happy to admit to my status, and it’s usually met with a happy compliment/sigh/grunt. 9 times out of 10, they’re happier for it to be that way. And when they’re not, it’s no deal breaker. I’m certainly not going to sculpt it for a one-off appointment.

So ladies, don’t be afraid to let it grow. There’s way too shizzle we have to worry about anyway. Legs, underarms, eyebrows…get the guys to pluck their own face and see how long they last!

Until then, here’s a little ditty about muffs, and keeping them anyway you want to. There’s lot’s of crotch shots. Enjoy!



3 Responses to “The power of Muff”

  1. AllanH Says:

    Hirsute heaven!

    It’s always been a mystery why there’s such an obsession with bald beavers. I can understand that there was a certain novelty value when it first became a fad in the ’70’s/’80’s, but it quickly became dull.

    Maybe this is another problem the porn industry has to answer for: another piece of individuality trashed in pursuit of a bullshit ideal.

    For me, I still get a thrill from seeing my partner’s thatch in all it’s glory, an excitement that’s still as strong as ever.

    To each their own, but like all the multitude of things that are great about women, natural is always better than artificial.

  2. Anika Says:

    Lol. I was going to mention that song :).

    Shaven scrotums are fine when they’re done properly, but I find it’s fairly likely that a man will go to town with a razor and leave lots of scratchy bits that I then have to protect my delicate bits from. I recommend a good trim for men unless they really want to shave and are willing to make a good job of it.

    • Miss M Says:

      Oooh, good point! *Fistbump*

      But an overly bushy sack definitely needs something done to it before I do anything more than give it a friendly tickle…

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