Don’t stop…?

No, do. Please stop!

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 2, your least favourite song.

From the over synthed intro to the massively vocoded end, there’s nothing quite like precocious kids destroying a classic. Stand up Glee cast –  come the revolution, you shall be first against the wall…



3 Responses to “Don’t stop…?”

  1. 30 Day Song Challenge « Coin-Operated Girl Says:

    […] Fat Escort. « And then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like.. Don’t stop…? […]

  2. Zenon Says:

    Hmm, I probably have two most hated records,

    Solid – Ashford and Simpson
    Shaddupa your face – Joe Dolce

    and anything by Clannad/Enya


    • Miss M Says:

      LOL! Shaddupa your face is definitely high up there! And everytime I hear clannad/enya, I suddenly get a waft of patchouli oil, and start hearing the distant tinkle of wind chimes…

      It’s like a total sense of dread comes over me that the hippies will take over the world, and we’ll all be forced to go vegan.. *shudder*

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