A Lady of Lavender Letters…

Once upon a time, when the world was slightly younger, and more healthier than it is now, there was a young man.

He lived in a world where there was no ‘Internet’, no ‘mobile phones’, and if you asked him about his favourite game on the playstation, you would have received a very different answer…

At the tender age of 26, he found a magazine called ‘Forum’, an informative, mind opening publication that would expose him to the world of dominant females and males alike. It also publicised other people who were into such delights.

And so it was he found his Mistress. A lady twice his age who summoned him when She was ready for his company. But how, you might ask, did She do it when there were no emails, no texts, and their worlds were still too far apart for phone calls?

Lavender Letters.

Each day he would wake up, stay as long as he could waiting for the post man, and if none arrived he would race home from work to see if the gentle purple envelope was waiting for him on his doorstep.

‘She was always very polite’, he explained in his rich, sumptuous, Scottish accent. ‘It was always “Dear ***,” She could call me what she wanted when I was there, but the letters were always gentle and polite.’

And she would summon him in Her letters. Planning it, making the time, meticulously telling him what to wear, where to be, and what time.  All carefully written in her Lavender Letters.

Of course, what they got up to I’ll leave you to imagine. But 20 years later, with his arse bruised and beaten, blindfolded, and tied to a bed by a girl half his age which he merely had to email to arrange an appointment with, I couldn’t help but think that we’ve lost something. As much as I was enjoying our session, I couldn’t help but stop, and listen, and just be in awe of the relationship they had.

Just imagine that sense of waiting…the excitement of getting a letter you’ve been waiting for. Then the 2-3 days you have of preparing yourself, building up the butterflies in your tummy so much that you feel like you’re going to vomit Red Admirals…

Of course now, you can just stream BDSM porno onto your computer, or even order someone to deliver it within the hour, but is it really the same? I’ve seen a fair few clips, and just can’t help but think that their hearts aren’t in it. Not so much that you would take the time to mark a day in your diary, send a letter of careful calligraphy, and await that person to arrive when you have summoned them.

I don’t know. It struck a chord. I can’t tell if it’s romantically kinky, or kinkily romantic..and yes, I do think there’s a difference.

Depravity is so easy to get these days, it’s almost lost it’s charm.


One Response to “A Lady of Lavender Letters…”

  1. AllanH Says:

    This post struck a chord with me, although I’m not into BDSM.

    As I’m 46, I can remember when writing love letters was a far more significant effort than sending a text message, although they have their place these days.

    A few years ago my father showed me some letters written by an ancestor before, and just after he emigrated to Australia from Scotland, including marriage proposals to four different women! This was during the 1830’s, when communication was very much a long-term exercise, and even though he was probably a bit of a cad, it still seems to have a romantic feel.

    Regardless of whether a man is communicating with a partner or a courtesan, surely romance is still an essential part of meetings. Surely sex is far more satisfying when there is a ‘connection’, rather than going through the motions.

    Meeting someone such as Melody shows how a tryst can be just as much a cerebral experience, as well as physical.

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