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Isn’t it funny how some people’s brains work?

It’s like they start off with a thought, relate it to a picture they saw somewhere, or a story they heard in a pub, and come out with a solid, hard fact. This is – I believe – the way Daily Mail journalists work.

It also seems to be the way a lot of ‘influential research companies‘ do their business too. Yes, if you haven’t heard the susserance on Twitter, I am indeed talking about the Lilith Report into how strip clubs in Camden supposedly increased the amount of rapes in the area, by 50% no less! And Dr Brooke Magnanti’s Green Paper dispelling it’s fact’s and figures. By quite a scary margin.

Now, I’m not that clever, so I can’t give you a great analysis. But let’s do a quick summary. Eaves is a charity that helps vulnerable women. Very admirable, nothing wrong with that. But they also do a lot of influential Research and Development with their company Lilith. As is says right on the front page, they produce influential publications. This means that should a newspaper want to find out some interesting facts and figures, some plucky researcher will download the documents, and use the figures from there. And before you know it, whatever it says has run round the world and been stamped into the social psyche before the truths had a chance to get it’s boots on.

As they did in 2003 when everyone went mental after hearing from this report that rape cases in Camden had risen by 50% after the introduction of lap dancing clubs. And they continue to use it as a resource today.

But it’s just not very accurate. Like, at all.

The Guardian then said in 2009, it actually looked like they had only risen by 33%, and now we have a report with more refined statistics (the fact that the original report also calculated in the numbers for male rape doesn’t fill you with confidence) taken over a longer period of time. I don’t want to give you spoilers, but from a brief browse I did see that the amount of reported rapes in 1999 – when these obvious rape mongerers moved in – was 81. And in 2008? 41. But as the Lilith report only goes up to 2002, we don’t get to see the change in trends. Nor is there any reference to London’s vastly growing population. How on earth can you make a report like this, and not correlate the growth of the population in the area?

Reported Rapes according to Met Police.

There’s an unmistakable air of gripping at straws. Such as (when commenting on the opening of Secret’s on Finchley Road. Somewhere I’ve been to – it’s downstairs, a whole level underground) – ‘The residents at Finchley Road were particularly concerned that the new lap dancing club would add to the considerable night noise generated by the o2 centre…[Well…isn’t that the 02 centre’s fault?!] ..Camden measured the environmental noise at Euston and Finchley road, and found levels had increased from 60db in 1999 to over 70db in 2002…although this level is mostly due to the traffic.‘ Oooh!! So it’s not the stampeding of desperate, soon-to-be-rapists, out to find a bit of pussy after having been teased for a couple of hours, then? No? Oh…

It’s just a puzzle. Why it chose to concentrate on Camden with its seven strip clubs, and not Westminster, with it’s – count ’em – twenty, I still can’t quite figure out. Apparently, it’s just cos it’s an influential borough. So, focusing on a borough that has a third of the amount of stripclubs than it’s neighbour, is a great idea because then all the other councils will shape up and follow suit.


It’s also taken the figures as solid facts. Seriously? Rape figures from the police are facts now? Last time I looked, it was one of the most under-reported crimes of all. But it doesn’t touch on the fact that the figures they have just might not be totally gravy.

It just seems to me to be one of those great leaps of judgement some people feel the need to make. Their flag flies whilst common sense lies crying and neglected in it’s own box in the corner. That’s right people – watching women jiggle on stage make men want to commit horrendous acts of violence. If you’re gay, you’re automatically a paedophile. Anyone into BDSM is really a serial killer. And prostitutes actively encourage sex trafficking.

So what can you do? Retweet, Re-blog, Facebook, link like a bastard to Belle De Jour’s blog and the paper itself , and let’s get it recognised as a more in depth study. Let’s do our best bit of pooh-poohing and get the Lilith report buried/ changed/ irradicated…anything that will let the world know that men do – in fact – know when no means no.

Strip clubs obviously are not the main reason why women get raped. Have you seen a Spearmint Rhino in Darfur recently? So let’s stop dicking about, and blaming people who are just trying to make an honest living out of sex, and get to the truth.

Also, the Lilith report uses double spacing. Sure proof it’s trying to be more clever than it really is…


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