Sex in the city, Part deux.

Well, that went a lot better than last time!

I had a lot more fun, met more enjoyable gents, and generally took things in my own, lazy stride. Even though I did have to miss a couple of days 😦

New York is definitely a great place to go on tour, but my luck with transport has definitely not improved. Some bright sparks out there might remember how my holiday to Egypt got cut short due to the ash cloud, and now I was hit with snow. From both ends, no less.

Whilst my flight out of Heathrow wasn’t cancelled, or delayed too long, it was delayed I ended up missing the connecting flight in Madrid, and had to stay there the night, knocking off precious time to get rid of any jet lag, and commence entertaining the gents of New York.  So rather than 3 days, I literally had to fit everyone in to one day, and a morning. Christmas eve morning too, so that was pretty pointless. Possibly because every man was out shopping for last minute presents.

But hey ho, I did my best, and picked up a few hints and tips along the way for next time. If there is a next time and my patience with air travel hasn’t forced me to go postal in Heathrow.

In other news, I’m enjoying a bit of webcamming! You can check me out on adultwork at Mostly, I’ve been spending my evenings trying to think of random videos to put up. But you can also come in and have a chat 🙂

This is, alas, a pretty dull update. Just telling ya’ll I’m alive, and just managed to not get stuck in New York. I stayed with some friends over Christmas, and got thoroughly caught in the blizzard, so it was a close run thing! Close enough to mean I needed a few days off to just get over everything and chillax. Plus I bought lots of sweeties that needed abusing…

One highlight was being able to watch the Spiderman musical. The day before we saw it, one of the actors had fallen off the stage, so it was touch and go if the previews would continue, but they did! And at great amusement to myself! Yes, it was rubbish. A complete pile of steaming turdery…but in that brilliant way that only something which costs millions of pounds to produce can be!

From pointless characters and dangerous sets, to the screeching sound of U2 bursting in my face…it was just so fabulously crap! It’s such a shame it might never make it over here, but that chances of them being sold out for the next 3 years so they can break even are slim to none.

So anyway, work starts in earnest tomorrow as it’s been over a week, and I’m bloody gagging for it! Don’t make me dust of the vibrators, come and see me and take advantage!


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