Gooood MORNING Blogosphere!!

You were worried there, weren’t you? eh? eh?

I bet, just for a minute, my life had seemed to become a bit dull, a bit normal….

Not a chance!

The Mayans may have predicted the earthquakes, disasters, and birds falling from the sky. But if you want to know the punting predictions for the new year, here’s the place to come.  Which is why I really should have put more effort into yesterdays post, because I really could have foretold what today’s first contact with the punting world would have been..

Email: Hi! I live nowhere near you, and I’ve read your website (honest I have!). Can I have more information, please?

Phone: Hi. I want you. Overnight. I have a big dick.

Email: You are a very bad girl for wearing tight clothes. You have obviously been eating too much cake. I will verbally abuse you then oil you up and fuck the rolls of your skin.

Text – Hi! We’re A Nother escort guide! We’re desperate fr people to join us, which is why we text you on a regular basis to join! Even though you already have a listing with us! But we end everything with an exclamation mark! So that’s ok!

I might need a new desk soon…mine appears to have developed a big dent where my head hits it on a regular basis..


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