You can leave your hat on..

Crikey, what’s been happening to me recently? You’re quite right, of course, there’s been a severe lack of bums, boobs, willies, titties, tallywhackers and moo-moos.

Sorry about that. But in fairness, there’s been a real lack of them in my life, so just haven’t had much to report upon! Don’t worry, I’m hoping to get back in the saddle asap, and get you some real dirt.

It’s just taken me so long to shake off a cough (insert ‘feeling chesty’ jokes here), so I’ve been taking it easy in order to resist spluttering when spluttering wouldn’t be appropriate 😉 Which – yes – has meant a lot of time on Twitter. And an awful lot more mulling things over a bit.

I’m going to make my New Scheme all formal from tomorrow, as well as sending out some new email and text alerts. I’ve also been informed of a Whole New Thing!

Yes, just when you thought it couldn’t be possible, I find a whole new genre in this wonderful world of Sex Work! CWNM.

CWNM apparently stands for ‘Clothed Women, Naked Men’. From what I understand, it’s a kind of exhibitionist thing – with the chap being made to strip and dance for the ladies, etc. Alas, I have a sneaking suspition thats it’s purely for the fantasists out there. But if anyone does get the guts, then why not give us Curvy Girls a good laugh during our little party season? 5 girls ready to watch you shake your money maker…then…give us your money! All from the 1st-3rd December.

So, thats my little plug over and done with.

C’mon gents, we could do with a good laugh…



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