Cos you’re not gonna reach my telephone…

Brilliant. BRILLIANT!

This poor chap has been arranging an appointment with me for the last three days. One hour to go, and I send a text asking if he’s still up for it. An hour of frustration, and slight anger ensues where I feel like he’s just been another timewaster. 3pm hits – and hey fucking presto, 2 texts, and 3 voicemails where he’s come to the area, and not heard from me. Thanks 02, thanks a lot!

So I’ve called them, in a rage powered by God’s own thunder I have called them. ‘Oh, sorry miss, we’re having problems in your area.’ My area?

Yeah, just my area. Apparently, it’s been going on for a few days, and no one has had the decency to let us know!

Brilliant. BRILLIANT!

Unfortunately, I live in one of those weird zones where any other phone with a network other than 02 needs to be put on a windowsill, and treated nicely with scones and cream. However, I do have a spare Orange sim card staring at me, and yet another old phone somewhere in the vicinity (Gadget Girl never leaves a device behind!) So in a few minutes time, I shall become a Double Device Diva.So if you have trouble reaching me on one phone, you can try the other. NOT if you’re on a witheld number though. Cos – as you know – anyone who calls from a private number is automatically deemed to be an STI infected, animal abusing, granny biting, panda bear eating george bush lookalike to steals sweets from children. ie – a very unpleasant sort who will not be welcomed into ones earholes.

EDIT – Tis done. After o2 told me they’d been having ‘intermittent problems’ in my area since 5th November (some stray firework taking down an antenna? I don’t think so..) I am now the proud owner of yet another phone. Im going to keep the 02, so now people can pester me twice as much. Lucky ole me! Now all that’s left is to configure it, switch contacts, download blacklist software, update the latest symian OS onto it, synch it up to my pc suite and hey-presto, we’re done! Honestly…whatever happened to the days of just trying to find a nifty ringtone for your handset??


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