Hints & Tips for aspiring Ho’s & Pro’s No 2.

Actually, this might be quite good for any gents out there who want to keep their private and punting lives separate…A new SIM card has been released. http://giffgaff.com has released a Sim which will give you unlimited texts for a month for only £5, or unlimited texts + free net + 150 minutes for £10. This is the best offer I’ve seen for a while, the closest is 300 texts and free net from O2.

Now, Giffgaff use O2 as a carrier, so if you get weak signal, don’t bother. They also have no customer service number that I cvan find, it’s all through email with your problem solved in up to 4 days. So be wary. However, I’ve just received mine, and will be giving it a bash. Considering loads of places wont even allow you to top up by £5, I reckon it’s worth a punt.

Sim cards are free, BTW.

postscript –Ok, am just doing it now. You need to top up in order to activate a ‘goody bag’. So you can just top up by £5, but you need to spend another £5 to get the 300 texts. But the clever thing is that – if you want to – you can set it to automatically top up if you fall below £3. Clever. The calls and texts are pretty cheap anyway…I think it’s 2p a minute / 1p a text.


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One Response to “Hints & Tips for aspiring Ho’s & Pro’s No 2.”

  1. kc Says:

    Worth a punt – is that a pun?

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