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Well, I’ve completely fallen for Edinburgh.

It was my first tour north of the border, and I wasn’t too sure how it would go, but it was awesome! I loved the city, loved the clients, loved the fact I could wrap up warm and cosy in my coat, hat & scarf, and will definitely be making plans to re-visit.

I managed to secure a lovely flat to use for a couple of days, which was a real treat compared to using hotels (which I normally have to use if im not with the Curvy Girl Parties), so I could cook myself, not have to worry about neighbours/reception, and pour myself a glass of water from an actual kitchen tap. After all, are any of us completely sure you can drink water from hotel bathrooms? A question for the ages…

However, I didn’t get to blog as much as I wanted. I never really get to when I’m away – generally because of the lacklustre WI-FI I end up with, or the lack thereof. Through hope, and initiative, I end up having to connect my phone to the computer, swapping over three sim cards, and crossing my fingers that it will still act as a modem. As long as I give it a really hot cup of tea. Its a terrible kerfuffle, and generally means I start trying to woo passing pigeons so they can deliver my emails a little bit quicker. So I’m going to go totally handheld, and try this Twitter malarkey.

The observant amongst you may have noticed I’ve had a minor dabble already. Nothing compared to the likes of the Twittertti, such as Stephen Fry, but give me a bit of encouragement and I’ll do my best! And post many Instamatic pictures of my cat. Oh, the glamour. So..follow me! I’m BBWMelody, I believe.

If I’d have been more on the ball, I could have tweeted about my first trip to Westfield shopping centre this morning, which was a massive disappointment! Now, I’m a lady of mean,s but £2 an hour for parking in a shopping centre still makes me cringe. Plus the shops were a bit..dull. There’s a lot of boutiquey places, but I just want a New Look, Evans, and possibly a superdrug. I’m a simple girl. There really is no room for boutique craziness in my life. I’m sticking to Wood Green, where the parking is cheap, and if you’re really lucky, you might even find your tyres still inflated!

So whats next? An awful lot of unpacking and washing, thats what. I also still need to find a place to stay in New York. I’m browsing apartments, and waiting for a few to get back to me. But a load of them seem to have doormen. Whats all that about? Why do you need a man opening the doors all the time? I’m a stickler for chivalry, and would hope a gent would open the door automatically, without having to be tipped $1 for it. Well, suggestions are always appreciated…

And I suspect I’ll be back up to Edinburgh in February, let everyone have a wee rest after the Christmas craziness. I’m also very tempted to have a look round at flats and houses. I’ve been thinking of buying a place for a while, but I want to settle. No one wants to live in London all their life, after all. And I can feel myself getting nearer to to the end of my stint. Don’t worry, nothings in stone, and it wont be for a while, but I still can’t help myself look at property porn! I’ve already found a three bed, 2 bath, 1 sun lounge, huge garden property about 20 minute walk from the centre of Edinburgh. East Finchley? studio flat. Same price. Studio. Flat.

Plus I’m a sucker for a Scottish accent, so that’s alright 😉

So if anyones tried to get hold of me, I’m sorry. I’ve had to take a couple of days out to try and catch up with Life, the Universe, and Everything. I’m nearly there now, so I’m sure I can fit you in. Just as long as I’m not busy on twitter..


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