They seek me here, they seek me there…

Wheeeewww…..busy past few days I’m afraid.

Last week started with the ever-awesome Curvy Girl Party in Oxford! A lovely flat, with lovely people..all having a bit of a lovely time. As first reserve, it’s always a pleasure to dive in at the last minute if there are any changes in the line up, which I did for the last London party and this one. So I’ve diddled around with my site, and set up a new mailing list for anyone who wants to know when they are, and if there’s any chance that I might be taking part. Might I suggest you pop there after persusing this, and leave your details? Or you can do it now. Don’t worry, I’ll wait…


Finished? Excellent!

And now, the news.

So, Oxford went swimmingly, but it was a quick turnaround because I had Halloween plans in Brighton, and an evening of culture and curiosities for White Night. Brighton is definitely becoming a favourite haunt of mine, and anywhere that encourages random acts of life drawing, music making and cockney singalongs is OK by me. Don’t worry, Im still a London gal for a while yet, but Im definitely tempted..

Unfortunately, I ended up staying a little longer than expected, and only got back this morning. So now I have to wash every item of clothing I own, tidy two flats, and panic about cat sitting before I dash to Edinburgh tomorrow.

I’m also well aware that I might end up sitting in a a train, and then an Edinburgh hotel for hours trying to get over all this rushing about, so if anyone has any film/tv recomendations for me to download and take with, do let me know. C’mon, you should know my taste by now!

But I will be there from noon tomorrow, until noon on Saturday, so if anyone would like to pop in and say hi, call me on 07800 834030 – or visit my site!

I’m sure I’ll catch up with ya’ll tomorrow when I’m not glued to a hoover, or sat on a washing machine. Mmm….washing machines….

(Tag whoring coming up!)


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