Mail FAIL!

This arrived through the Contact Form on my website. It gets emailed to me directly and allows anyone who can’t email to send their enquiry/best wishes.

Your email address

Hi Melody

My name is wilf,i live in London..

Pls do keep me informed of any upcoming special offers.

Well, Wilf, I’d love to. But as you have decided not to fill in the part asking for your email addres, or include a mobile phone number, I’m afraid you’ll just have to rely on my powers of telepathy. Next time I have a special offer, I’ll be sure to think of it really hard, just for you 🙂

Gentlemen. If – like Wilf – you too would like to hear of any special offers, please feel free to fill out one of the many forms on my site that specifically ask you for your email or mobile number.

Don’t make me have to point you out to the rest of the class..



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