She sells Sanctuary..

After a few lovely appointments in the last week, I’ve come to understand that there’s something missing in the world of Prostitution. An extra service that more of us need to supply.

You can already choose from a plethora of experiences…The Porn Star Experience, The Girlfriend Experience, and now I’m pleased to introduce The Long Term Girlfriend Experience!

Lets forget all the bells and whistles of sex and domination, and concentrate on the little things, the small bits you get when you’ve been with someone for a few years.  I’m swapping OWO and CIM for Snuggling, spooning, and that funny little shiver you get when someone brushes the back of your neck. No sex, no hanky panky, just that feeling you really miss when you don’t have someone to hold in the middle of the night.

I had another appointment this week where the gent very kindly laid out what he wanted in an email. It involved domination, and lots of fun that I quite enjoy! Only half way through, and things just don’t seem quite right. I can see when someone’s getting into the swing of things, and when they haven’t quite let themselves go. After a little break in proceedings, we just ended up having a cuddle…and a kiss…and more cuddling. The domination got blown off entirely, and we just lay there, relaxing…

It was nice! And not the first time it’s happened…so there’s obviously a hole in the market, and I enjoy it. So what do I normally do when I find something I like? That’s right, pimp it right out!

I’ve got it all figured out. Starting from 7, or 8 in the evening – the time when all normal boys and girls are coming in from work –  I’ll walk in, casual clothes and slightly worn make up. We have the ‘Hi Honey, I’m home!’ business, discuss our day at work, what we read in the metro, and which one was our favourite Lolcat that got emailed to everyone in the office.

We pour a cup of tea, and begin making something delightfully predictable for dinner, like spaghetti Bolognese (my spag bol is awesome, btw), and talk about what to do at the weekend. We’ll have a slight argument because you’ll forget we were supposed to see such&such, and have already promised to have a beer with so&so. We’ll go out to Blockbuster, or look through sky and spend an age trying to pick out a film to watch. You’ll pick out a thriller, I’ll want a rom-com. We do paper scissors stone/flip a coin, and naturally I win and you get to spend the night with me and Sandra Bullock..

We’ll dish up, and stick on the film whilst curled up on the sofa. Naturally, we slip into a food coma and sink into watching the ‘girl get the guy with hilarious consequences’. You’ll end up having a moan about how dire it is, and Die Hard would have been better, and end up checking your emails or playing halo whilst I have a nice hot bath.

I’ll get into my pyjamas and curl up in bed and read a book until you finish your level/work/the washing up. Then you get ready, and jump into bed next to me. We read, chat, watch tv for a bit, and finally slip under the covers for a goodnight kiss and a cuddle, along with all those other things that are not the first thing you might ask for when visiting a Pro. And as a guy, you might be a bit embarrassed about admitting that you actually like it when you rub noses, or get butterfly kisses, or have your earlobe nibbled. But that’s ok, cos I’m a girl, so I can totally admit to liking them!

We’ll curl up together, and try and figure out where arms should go in relation to heads and backs, before drifting off to sleep.

Too soon, the alarm goes off, and in that small time between hitting the snooze button and it’s second bell, we’ll have another kiss and  a squeeze before getting up, showering, guzzling coffee and snacking on toast before I slip out the door for just another day at the office….

Of course, that could all sound like someone’s idea of vanilla hell! And I’m going to take a wild guess that it’s not what people want when they look for someone like me, so a wild fantasy it shall remain. But Im guessing there’s just a few of you out there, who – like me – seem to have been single for an unreasonable amount of time, thinking that it might, just might, make quite a nice evening…;)



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