I just click, and you just go away…

After years of battling against people’s complete lack of common sense, I have finally found a way to sort out the wheat from the Chaff.

Clickey Boxes!

Ok, I rushed in there. What I should have started with is that same age old argument I’m faced with on a daily basis. The Obvious Idiot who’s seen my drop dead awesome boots, and wants to be dominated. Only, in their tiny little head, they think I know exactly how to push their buttons, with little or no input from themselves. Just the words ‘I’ll do whatever you want me to.’

So I’m going to scour the internet, and my own imagination, for domination and activities that I’m willing to entertain. Then all they have to do is tick the boxes next to whatever it is they have in mind! I’m a genius, no?

Minimal effort for all parties involved. Especially as we all know how helpless a man can become once all the brain starts rushing to various parts. They suddenly find it very hard to grasp the concept that if they do, in fact, do what I want them too,  they’ll end up on youtube with a variety of root vegetables inserted into various orifices.

I made a whole new Identity for domination purposes, and I’m tempted to resurrect it. Or would that just be gilding the lily?

Anyway, I’ll start work on it tomorrow, so if anyone has any suggestions/fantasies/scenarios/activities they think I should include, drop me a line at melody@melodybbw.co.uk

See? Audience participation! You lucky little things…


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