New homes for Old Stuff

Now, it’s not very often I skimp on clothes. In fact, it used to be that I’d have to pay through the nose for a decent outfit, as anyone over a size 28 seems to have to do. Someone, somewhere must have decided that we live in Grecian times, and therefore to be big, we must automatically be wealthy.

Ahh, if only!

But I simply couldn’t resist having a rummage around the Big Bum Jumble when I heard this one-off, plus size shopping bonanza was going to be held over the weekend. Hell, I even had a whole wardrobe of plus size goodies to donate (in fact, I’m pretty chuffed to see one of my corsets going to a good home from the pictures on the blog!). I hope the maids uniform and saucy lingerie found equal happiness..

So what does one do when they’ve managed to clean out their cupboards & drawers? Thats right, refill ’em!

Not too much saucy stuff, but I managed to find some nice civvies for my new concentrated format. After a few days of torrential rain, I was pretty surprised to find out I had no coats & jackets! Now I have about a bajillion…including a very sexy vintage trench coat. I feel like I should be in an Audrey Hepburn film when I wear it.

So nice to see some old friends going off to good homes, rather than be fumbled away in the back of a charity shop.

All in all, a lovely weekend, marred slightly by getting an email yesterday saying ‘Hi, I was just looking through your website. Can I have some more details please?’

One day, I’m just going to offer to come round with a flip chart and powerpoint presentation, and explain why they shouldn’t have hidden behind the door when god was handing out the common-sense.


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