If you go down to the woods today…

…to commit suicide by hooker, then you’re a fucking idiot.

No excuses. Idiot.

Ok, so he was obviously very mentally ill. Or at least I hope he was, because that’s the only thing that’s stopping me from sitting in a room Sally Morgan, Derek Acorrah and a Ouija board…just so I can tell him what a Massive Bell End he was.

Suicide is pretty selfish anyway, but doing it in a way which will obviously affect someone else is just above and beyond.His family is left with no life insurance, the escorts will be completely scarred, and they have to go through a tonne of legal shite as well as being outed.

Mind you, this is ‘The Sun’ so it could all be complete pap. However – anyone reading this with a view to joining our merry little band, just bear this little number in mind. Although I’m amazed the taxi driver’s been arrested, but the Agency who sent them into the woods without any security seems to have gotten off scot-free.


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