Freaky Fridays

Smart phones are just dandy, just as long as you give them to someone who’s smart..

At some point, I appear to have turned on my ‘accept only’ list rather than my blacklist. So instead of bocking out the calls from timewasters and wankatrons, I have  – instead – just blocked everyone.

So, if you’ve tried calling, then rest assured that I am here, just not all there.Once upon a time, not getting calls would have stressed me out big time, but things have changed, and it’s easier for me to take a week off to spring around zoos and toyshops without constantly worrying about the next £150.

When I started – and I’m sure there are many WGs out there who do the same  – I would completely decline going out, or catch a bus instead of the tube, all just to get the next call. Everytime I had a missed call, I’d stress that that was £150 down the drain, just because I didn’t hear it in the middle of Sainsbury’s or something.

What a knob.

So, a bit of advice to new escorts; Chill.

Seriously – carry on, have a normal life, go out on the town, and don’t be scared to leave your phone at home If they want to see you, they’ll call back. If they’re desperate, they’ll leave a message, or send an email. But in the meantime, you have to have a life.

As I said, that was just me. I know some WGs who are happy to abandon their phone, and some that can’t be parted from it. Obviously everyone’s in a different situation, but if I’d have kept on like that, I’d have literally gone round the bend.


I’m back! The dashing about has simmered down a bit more, and I have been freed of any small children. So let’s get back to business!

I’ve come to realise that Fridays can be pretty busy, so I’m going to start doing a new experiment – Fifteen Minute Fridays!

Y’see, the thing with ‘quickies’ is that we still have to put just as much effort into the preparation as we do for any normal booking. There’s still toilets to scrub, bathrooms to clean, beds to change etc etc, so it’s just not worth doing them if you – like me – have to prepare a working flat.

However, I tend to stay at the flat all day on Fridays, so I figure it’ll be easier to do them without all the hassle of traveling half an hour each way. I’ve put them at £50, and if anyone dares to bang on that it should be half the cost of a half hour appointment, then I will make them lick the toilet, and clean the bathroom with their eyeballs onna stick. As I said, you’re not just paying for a service, you’re paying for our preparation too. Besides, by the time they shower and faff around, it’s usually half an hour anyway!

I’ll have to get an egg timer.


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