Not with a bargepole…

Now, I’m going to hold my hands up here and admit that I haven’t had a ‘normal’ job in a fair old while. But I’m pretty sure that when you’re given a day off, you get a bit of notice.

I’m lead to believe you normally get a week. You’re told a week in advance when you have a day off – correct? I know this because many people email or call me and say ‘Hey, I have a day off next week, can I come and see you on it?’ Sure! No problem, I’ll pencil you in.

It’s common sense to also realise that the person who’s booked the most in advance gets the precedence.

So imagine my ‘surprise’ when someone got arsey at me today because they called in the morning, for an appointment that afternoon.

‘Sure,’ say I, ‘but I have to see how my afternoon pans out so I cant guarantee it. But try calling later.’

(After all, I do have other clients to see who – as is the sensible thing – booked in advance, so they get first dibs.)

As it was, someone had asked to see me for an hour, but was contemplating staying for two. So, like I said, no guarantees. Now I get a shitty text because I didnt pick up when he rang, because he rang during the appointment.

Isn’t it funny how men think? They get ever so shitty if you answer your phone when with them, and even more shitty when you don’t answer every time they ring. There’s something not quite clicking…thats why I have a very helpful voicemail message advising them to leave a message, and I’ll get back to them (if they want me to). Funny that.

Anyway, apparently it’s his only day off (I’m guessing for forever, considering how rude his text was) and instead of booking say, last week, he waits for the same day.  Possibly on the assumption that I’m gonna be free allllll day! C’mon, say it with me now – ASSUMPTION MAKES AN ASS OUT OF U & ME!

Why do guys who apparently say they’ve been looking forward to seeing me for sooooo long, then accuse me of ruining their day when they realise they can’t get what they want, when they want it? Do they think I’m really going to ever give them an appointment after that? Ever?!

Yes! Apparently they do!

Not only that, but the more accusatory texts and rudeness they send my way, they seem to think will enhance their chances!

As a wise man once said ‘I haven’t laughed so much since Aunty Mable caught her left tit in the mangle.’



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