Oh happy day!

Finally went bookshopping!

I have a great respect for charity shop books. Mainly because 6 months after something’s been in the ‘Richard & Judy Pick’ or  whatever list that’s made up by people who’ve never had anything to do with books ever, about a dozen copies turn up at my nearest Sue Ryder when people have found out they’ve been lied to.

So I can soak in some fluffy literature, and help out society in general at the same time – everytone’s a winner!

Things have been all up in the air recently, I haven’t had time to just breathe, so I’m looking forward to lying back, sticking the carrot oil on, and getting lost in a good book 🙂 It’s an exciting life, eh?

But if you want more actions, whispers are afoot that another Curvy Girl Party is in the pipeline! We’re aiming for September with this one, but keep checking back for more details. I’ll be serving up some of the best sandwiches and tea in the London region, whilst a suitable, sensual selection of lovely ladies will be on hand to sort out your carnal needs 😉

I can’t recommend them enough – especially for any punting n00bs. Think of them as a taster menu, and then if you find one you like, you can go a la carte with them in the future 🙂 I’m sure I’ll be on hand for private appointments over the few days in central London, but otherwise I’m afraid I’ll just be too busy making sure that everyone is chillaxing appropriately!


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