The sound of music.

It’s late, I’m tired, but I just can’t seem to sleep. So instead, I’m going to write a random post about…umm…music!

I’ve just decided that because Im sat next to a pile of CDs that I’ve dragged out of a Dusty Box Under My Bed because – thanks to my ever present Streetlight interference Syndrome – I have to start converting them all into MP3s…again.

But that means that whilst my CD drive flashes away, I can bore you all with the stuff I’ve been listening to for the last 10 years, and why. So join me now on a voyage of discovery as I press the shuffle button on iTunes, and we see what occurs! Don’t worry, Spotify is always here for anyone who wants to join in.

Bad Religion – This band got me a serious promotion back when I was but a nipper! My boss hadn’t really taken much notice of my hard work, until some clever fellow bought a CD system for the office we worked in, and upon my turn I played ‘Stranger Than Fiction’. He jumped up with glee, amazed there was a second Bad Religion fan in our tiny town! Fast friends ever since. Currently playing is ‘I love my computer.’ My 2nd favourite song but just so damn relevant.

The Longpigs – Just because I love shouting along to ‘She Said’ when I’m driving. I shout very loudly. It scares many pedestrians.

Shed 7 – In my head, I still have bedraggled hair and am wearing a parka. The britpop movement was totally my ‘I’m discovering music!’ era. Before that I just had showtunes and audio books, because I was a total spod. Obvs.

The Knife – They did the original ‘Heartbeats’, the song that was on the ad for Sony – with all the bouncy balls going down a hill. I forgot who covered it, some dude with a guitar who was never heard of again. Anyway, The Knife are weird, and completely awesome, and should definitely have had more credit for this song.

The Wildhearts – Hold on to your hats, cos these might crop up again in a minute. I completely loved this band, and therefore have many albums, singles, bootlegs and all sorts of bobbins with their name on! I know, I ones ever heard of them, and thats fine. I’ll not to convert you. ‘Greetings from Shitsville’ contains the line ‘Greetings now from Shitsville, Northwest 3’, which I assume is the NW3 postcode of London..which is Hampstead, and actually quite nice! I used to live there, and was very happy to live in a Wildhearts song. Seriously.

Bob Mould – Lead singer of Hüsker Dü, who now seems to spend most of his time in his shed playing with a vocoder. I don’t blame him. Not only are vocoders fun and feisty, they also help when you’ve spent many years in a punk rock band doing things to your vocal chords that should never be done.

Ben & Jason – Ahh, let’s just chill out for a moment. There’s been a lot of loudness, hasn’t there? Fortunately a friend of mine gave me the song ‘Air Guitar’ many, many, many moons ago on a quel Old Skool mix tape. A fine choice, and one which prompted me to buy the album when things like ‘The Internet’ came along, and I could find songs by people HMV had never heard of.

Scarlet Soho – Wow! Oh Em Gee indeed…I’ve just found them on Spotify! This is a random band I went to see aaages ago, just cos they were playing in a club next to the pub me and a friend went to. And I tell you what, they had a certain 80’s electronica that pressed all the right buttons! I bought the album there and then from the lead singer/manager/merch seller, and am so pleased to see they actually managed to release it for real! Of course, our relationship was short lived, because I have no idea what happened to them after that gig..but it’s mainly nice to have a memory come flooding back of a bizarre, surreal night out. Those are often the best ones.

Dionne Warwick / Music to watch Girls by – You gotta love the classics! ‘Valley of the Dolls’ is one bat-shit crazy film, but at least it gave us this song.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Yes, this is the album from the musical episode ‘Once More With Feeling’. Yes, I do realise I have shattered your hopes and dreams of me being nothing but a sex vixen by having this cheeky little number on my hard drive. And yes, I did explain earlier that my previous life consisted of showtunes. Anyone who has read this blog and missed my love of all things Buffy just hasn’t been paying attention and only has themselves to blame.

And that’s about it! Sorry there’s nothing from the last 5 years, but all my more modern CD’s are in a Different Dusty Box Under The Bed, one which I haven’t had the strength of character to start on yet. But I hope you have had fun on my musical voyage of discovery…If not, might I suggest you try the iPod poetry game?

It’s very simple. Write down the title of the first five tracks you come across when you shuffle iTunes or whatever musical library you have and the result is an instant poem. So my little shuffle there would go thus –

‘I love my Computer,

She Said.

Going for Gold, Heartbeats.

Greetings from Shitsville.’

I also find it fun to play around with the punctuation to make it have a bit more sense..

‘The Silence Between us?

Air Guitar Modern Radio!’

Hehe! See? Fun for all the family!

Ok, more…

‘Release me, astronaut.

The Spell Super Soaked

psychotic Girl!

C’mon..thats a good one, no?

Go on..see if you get any better!


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