Gadget Girl in the Hey-yows!

So, once upon a time there was a party. And at this party was someone who reads far too many gadget magazines and spends her time drooling around Curries & PC World.The ladies at the parties noticed her strange obsession over things that go ‘Bing’, and thus a legend was born!

By day, she is a non-assuming (but massively sexy), buxom escort. But by night, she totally geeks up and becomes… Gadget Girl!

Don’t be scared, Gadget Girl works for all to ensure a smooth ride into the 21st Century. Just make sure you pay attention.

So – This ones for the girls.

My fellow escorts, you may have your outcall slag bag all ready to go. Let me guess…condoms, wet wipes, tissues, make up etc etc.. But what about a few bits and pieces to increase your safety, and the overall entertainment?!

Some of you may have heard these before…but stick with me. And make sure you have a big handbag.

i-phone – Yeah, I know. You’ve heard it all before and you wish people would stop banging on about them – but you;re only thinking that if you haven’t got one! Beleive me, I was the same…But now the 4G is coming out, it’s high time you took the opportunity to get one – y’know, before it’s 6 months old and the 5G is out already. As well as just being generally awesome, you can also hook it up to Google maps, so if you give a trusted person the log in details, they can follow you to your location. Or at least follow your phone. Also good if your phone gets nicked! The new one also has iBooks, so you can download ‘The Joy Of Sex’ in the taxi over if you’re really desperate for inspiration..

Nokia E71 (Around £1-250 2nd hand) – All Nokia’s, Blackberries and smart phones in general that run a Symbian operating system will support Blacklist software. The E71 is just my favourite because it has such an application built in – easy to use, and an absolute lifesaver when you don’t want to be bothered by witheld numbers and pests. Plus it allows you to leave a message for such private numbers, letting them know why they’re being rejected. I’ve tried finding software for others in the series, but it just doesn’t work the same. Anyway, if we all got one, maybe guys would take the bloody hint!

X-Mini (£10.99 Amazon)

I rarely leave home without one. It’s a speaker (although you can get them in pairs) thats about the size of a tangerine, but blows out more decibels than Big Ben. You can plus them into phones, mp3 players, computers…There are loads that are the same build, but don’t be fooled – you can pick them up for less than a tenner on Amazon.

Emtec Movie cube (£49.99 PC World) – Ok, so I mainly take this on tour rather than just outcalls. It’s about the same size as a mobile phone, but allows you to play your films/music/pictures from even the most basic travelodge TV! You plug it in, insert your dongle, and off you go! The main thing about this is you do need the presence of forethought. I download a fair amount of stuff (shh, don’t tell the fuzz!) and it’s nice to watch it on a telly rather than a computer screen. I usually take a dongle of films & tv shows, and one of porn. Easy and very subtle.

Sennheiser CX 300 II headphones (£14.99 – Amazon)– Yeah, yeah, great for listening to tunes in the taxi. BUT what makes these special is the fact that they are sennheisers for only £14.99!!! It’s a massive price reduction, so buy them whilst you can and thank me later.

Pocket Projector (from £149) – Unfortunately, we’re right around the corner from everything going 3D crazy, otherwise these would have been bad ass! And I still think they can be if you have £150 burning a hole in your pocket. Basically, project stuff from your media player (phone, laptop, ipod etc) onto a handy wall and engorge that bad boy up to 42 inches! Again, I’m sure many people can find great uses for these…rather than porn.

Victorinox Presentation Master (From £170)– Wanna know what happens when survival and technology collide?! Well, this is it mo-fo’s.  The Swiss have been busy improving what no-one thought could ever be upgraded – the army knife! Now not only does it come with the trusty blade, scissors, screwdriver etc..but also a laser pointer, bluetooth remote, and up to 32GB of USB storage – which, btw, is encrypted and protected by fingerprint recognition. Be scared, if only because Robocop and Cylons must be right around the corner. (No, I do not have one. Yes, I’m happy to receive one as a gift…if only for the nail file.)

And in answer to your questions; No, I haven’t tried all of these, but I’d like to. Yes, I do need to get out more. And I did get very excited when the Innovations catalogue came round…



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