Pyramids & Parties!

Yey! I made it to my holiday! And, more importantly, made it back.

Egypt was lovely. I managed to squeeze in lots of snorkelling, and a trip to see the sphynx and pyramids. Oh yes, I can feel my brain swelling up with all the culture!

Whats not so hot was the fact that we had to miss 2 days of it due to the ash cloud, but we did our best to make the most of the time we did have there. The bugger was that on our last day, our plane got held up for 7 hours, so we could have scavinged one of our days back! Needless to say, many of our fellow travellers were not impressed.

AND we had to go through the whole week without internet access! Argh!! So now I’m desperately trying to catch up and get everything sorted. So if you’ve emailed me recently, then sorry you haven’t had a reply! I’m slowly getting round to everything…

But why let me bore you with mundanity, when we have much more fun things to discuss!

I think my first order of business is to encourage all the foot fetishists out there to make an appointment asap! I’ve just had a gorgeous pedicure, and not only are my toesies perfectly french manicured, but my feet are smooth as a babies bottom! I’m pretty sure I should be paying myself to touch them…

And, of course, we had the Curvy Girl Partieslast week! I managed to finally get home at 7am that morning, with the first party starting later that day. Now thats dedication!

What can I say? More awesome fun with everyone involved! I think we’ve got a really good party crew, as well as some lovely guests! I really enjoyed it – as ever! Seriously, if you’ve never tried one, you should come along to a CVP for one hell of an experience!

We were all given a little mask by one of the guests – just as a laugh – and each one had a decription on. My one was ‘Bitchy’ as I have to be the one to stop the fun and make sure the Ladies get their tea & biscuits on time. Now, in my own appointments, I’m far from a clockwatcher, but a party is a different kettle of fish. Unfortunately, I don’t think some gents really understand how exhausting it can be to take part in a party. After all, the gals will more than likely be shagging for 4 hours solid. But no, they still get the hump when I walk in and remind them that yes, they do have to leave.

I try and do it fairly – they get a half hour warning to make sure they can fit in anyone they haven’t seen yet, and another 10 minutes before we stop so they can get to the shower if they’re finished. Then yes, I come round and stop the fun on the dot…That is, of course, after I’ve done my best to make they’ve been comfortable, refreshed and fed throughout the whole thing. I’m amazed some people actualy think I have to stop them just because I can, and seem to beleive we’re all there for the fun of it. If they want longer, they should have come earlier, or the option is usually there to have a private appointment. This is, after all, a business. And, quite frankly, I think the ladies deserve a rest!

So the next person who makes a snide comment about having being told that their time is up will no doubt get punched in the throat.

Do some people really need it spelled out that shagging solidly is hard work? That a shower is needed? And as the Ladies haven’t had time for food becuase they’ve been too busy with – as I said – the shagging, I expect they’ll be hungry too! But no, someone always has to think they have the right to keep going after everyone else has stopped. Cock knockers.

Fortunately, that one Obvious Idiot can’t ruin the party experience, no matter how hard they try. It just makes all the other polite guests look like gentlemen, and not a massive wankatron from Wankashire.


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