Goddess on a mountain top, burning like a silver flame…


Yes, dear mortals, it turns out that I too am not immune from nature’s wrath.

I’m supposed to be flying out to Sharm El Sheikh at this very moment to enjoy a week of sun, sea and sand-where-sand-should-never-be. But I’m not. I’m in East Finchley, and have just been told I need to stay on standby for the next 5 days.

Airlines are not kind people. They are merciless and vengeful, and therefore will not refund me unless my flight is cancelled, and they wont cancel the flight unless it’s been delayed for 5 days or more. So the upside is, you have me for an extra week! (possibly). But the bad side is..I might not be able to make it to the parties (possibly).

Do you see my predicament?

In the meantime, I shall make the best of it, and am offering a super ‘Stranded Special’ to any Americans, Atlantians, and other strange creatures of the last days who are stuck and need a little cheering up 🙂 Ok, it’s a flimsy excuse to offer outcalls at a cheaper rate, but you get my drift!

Whilst we wait for this whole thing to blow over (fnar!), I’ll be joining in with the Dunkirk spirit and you can have me at your hotel for only £150 for the hour, or £280. Outcall service, for incall prices 🙂 For more special offers, sign up to my email list. And if you’re in the local area, use my text alerts to hear of super last minute reductions!

But remember, take advantage now, because I might not be here tomorrow!!



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