There’s no place like home…

I’m back! And might I say it’s excellent to see that none of you have either stolen or broken the internet. Well done! Gold stars all round.

Whats not so praiseworthy is the amount of Obvious Idiots who completely ignored my polite – but firm – message on the front of my website, and called me. Only to completely ignore my polite – but firm – voicemail advising them that I will not be back until the 8th of April.

(Yes, yes, I know it’s not the 8th quite yet and so therefore I shouldn’t technically be back, but I just couldn’t bare to be away from you for any longer, what can I say!)

But to the back of the class with any blighter who ignored both messages, and imagined I would rush away from a perfect peruse into paradise for a half hour incall in East Finchley.

However, I must break your hearts once more, as I’m only back for 2 weeks until vamoosing away once more. So take full advantage of my refreshed, relaxed and muchly tanned self whilst you can! Don’t worry, I wont show you my slides..


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