Got to keep on keeping on..

Crikey! The holidays are piling up for me..

Don’t start jumping to conclusions, I’m not about to spurt into a ‘Aren’t I such a glam jet setter type?!’ escort fact, it’s far less glamorous than that.

But also a lot more humourous!

It all goes back to my dad who – in his glory days of retirement – has become a bit of a cad. So much so that the holiday he booked with his current girlfriend nearly went to waste, due to him being caught about town with another girlfriend.

Fortunately, I’m there to pick up the pieces, and takes full advantage of their holiday over Easter! So I’ll be away from 30th March – 8th April.

Then I’m off to Egypt for another family holiday that we had previously booked before my sister gets made an honest women. So I’ll be going away again on the 22nd April – 28th April….by which point you can, of course, find me maiding at the Curvy Girl Party, complete with tan!

And once summer hits, we’re into wedding season. *sigh*

It’s at points like these, where I’m faced with 3 weddings to go to in the space of 2 months, that I start to wish that all those Male Escorting ‘Thousands of Wealthy Women Are Ready To Meet YOU! No Sex Involved! Just Let Them Buy You A Meal!’ scams were actually true..

Did I really just say that?

Ok, well…lets get this straight before you all get excited. He’d have to look like David Boreanaz, with a dress sense to suit. Have charm, wit and chivalry. And be available for two months for the current contents of my back pocket…which currently stands at 12 pence, and a button. Male escort agencies are – and will remain – scams I’m afraid.

Although the opportunity to proove to all my mid twenties friends that I, as a fellow mid twentian, have the chance of not being a spinster all my life makes it very tempting! Just not that tempting.

However, any Boreanaz lookalikes are still welcome to leave their cards in a phone box near me…!

Anyway, long and short of it is, book now to avoid disappointment. ‘Nuff said.


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