What’s black, white, and prejudiced about size all over?

So, today I was having a flick through my local rag, and a strange urge came upon me. I contemplated the possibility of putting a classified advert in. Simple enough, no?

And so started yet another saga.

From: Melody Bbw
Sent: 04 March 2010 14:01
To: archant classifieds
Subject: Placing an advert


Hi there,

Please can you let me know how much it would be to place a classified advert in the massage and/or escort services sections in the local paper.

Thank you

Simple enough, no? A polite enquiry, one might say.

Then I got an answer..

From: Person X
To: melody bbw
Sent: Thu, 4 March, 2010 14:38:58
Subject: FW: Placing an advert

Hi Melody,

If you would like to give ma call on the number below, it would be my pleasure to give to you any quotes.

Kind regards,


Person X

Archant} London


Ok, fine, lovely…until I scrolled down and found that Person X had been forwarded my message from Person WTF.

From: Person WTF
Sent: 04 March 2010 14:33
To: Person X
Subject: FW: Placing an advert




See below


Person WTF

Sales Team Leader

Archant} London

What was below, btw, was my email.

Obviously incensed by this silp, I replied..

From: Melody Bbw
Sent: 04 March 2010 15:16
To: Person X
Subject: Re: Placing an advert


Hi Person X ,

Thank you for your response, as much as I’d like to give you a call, your colleague Person WTF has made it clear in her response that she doesn’t want my business.

I see from several adverts that there are already 2 or 3 BBWs currently advertising with you, so what exactly is wrong with another?

And does this discrimination extend to escorts of different race? TVs? Sexuality?

As much as I could bore you both with the quotes and statistics of men who like a bigger body, and the fact that I already make a very healthy living just advertising on a website alone, I think I should just skip it, and forward this response to several people who would be very interested in such discrimination from a public newspaper.

Perhaps you may not think much of what I do, but at least I remain open minded and welcome any clients – regardless of age, race, or size.

So Archant, NO!


And in a monumental piece of legal damage control, I get –

From: Damage Controller
To: melody bbw
Sent: Thu, 4 March, 2010 15:35:24
Subject: RE: Placing an advert


Hello Melody,


I am the Classified Manager here at North London and I would like to explain Person WTF’s  comment in the emails below. This is a legal issue, not a moral one, there is such an interest in these pages from a political point at the moment that they can come down on us if we don’t follow the Newspaper Society guidelines within the law. One of the guidelines that we have to follow states that we cannot publish any abbreviations within the massage section of the newspaper.


The reasonPerson WTF had put this in the body of her email to Person X was to remind him of this as this week unfortunately two or three adverts slipped through the net and this could cause problems. Not just to us as a newspaper group but to any advertisers placing adverts in this section.


I apologize for the misunderstanding and can completely see how this has been misinterpreted; I can assure you that we do not discriminate and we also welcome any customers regardless.


I hope that you accept my apology and allow us the chance to offer you a quote as per your original request.


Kind Regards

Damage Controller

Advertising Sales Manager

Archant} London

It was about then that I had to leave the good fight and let the TV man in. So I’ve had some time to simmer down, and drink tea. I’m going to look into that whole abbreviations thing, because (having counted) there are 3 ads saying BBW. But if anyone know the actual legality of this, then please get in touch.

Yes, maybe they can’t use abbreviations. But why not just say ‘No abbreviations.’

I may be being a little too sensitive, but ‘BBW No!’ just doesn’t seem to say the same thing…


One Response to “What’s black, white, and prejudiced about size all over?”

  1. Brandy aka "Kinky" Says:

    I think you had a right to be aggreived. If it was a case of no more BBWs, as per their explanation, then the email could’ve been better worded to reflect that, i.e. “no more BBWs”, or “no more abbreviations”, or “no BBWs, try voluptuous”. Maybe they just don’t want to be seen as promoting too many fat birds and they’ve fulfilled their criteria.

    I do remember when I used to advertised out of the back of newspapers many moons ago, they were sensitive about using the world “Black” so I had to use the word “Carribean”. That I understand, even if a little misguided. But I can’t see any legal or discriminatory implications when using the acronym “BBW”

    The cynic me is also thinking that if your paper charges by the letter, word or line, then it may be of more financial benefit to use the word “voluptuous” instead of “BBW”, which of course is longer.

    I just don’t feel the reason they give is a valid one. Good for you for giving them a piece of your mind.

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