A letter from God to Man…


I’m sorry you found out what your partner has been up to. I don’t know if you discovered his web browsing history, or maybe just checked his phone bill, but somewhere in it all I obviously popped up.

If it’s any consolation, he only called me once and it was a while ago, even then he didn’t even turned up.

I know it probably won’t help, but just goes to show that he was never serious about coming to see an escort.. Although if he was going to be serious about ‘punting’, then maybe he’d have had the foresight to get another sim card, or wipe his browsing history. Either way, I’ve been around long enough to know a fantasist when I see one (or maybe not, as the case may be). And seemingly screaming to be found out too…

So, sorry I didn’t stick around to chat. Despite the fact that I was in Ikea, I really don’t think you were in a good state to listen anyway. Besides, it’s really not my place to explain it to you.



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