It’s a new dawn, It’s a new day, It’s a new life, For me…

..and I’m feeling good!

I’ve been in a bit of a personal funk of late. But I don’t know if it’s the start of spring (apparently), the shining sun, or just the fact that there seems to be lights at the end of a few tunnels (that aren’t actually trains!) that are making me feel a bit more ready to go today.

I don’t believe in horoscopes (though I do believe in being a cancerean), but I’m sure mine would say something like ‘You feel good about changing a few things’. And I do! I’ve finally chosen some paint and wallpaper to finally boudoir up my boring bedroom and get some appropriate decor up for a flat of Negotiable Affection. I’ve bought some new bits and pieces which are already making a pleasurable aesthetic difference in the flat (I still need to put up new coathooks and pictures, but that can all wait until the walls are done). And when thats all done, I promise, super-dooper pinky promise, that I’ll get some new pictures done.

I know, I know..I’ve teased you long enough about those. But what with various injuries and my desperation to get some good backgrounds going, I just haven’t wanted to do ones just yet! But I promise, they’ll be worth it!

I’m also going to finally sort out a decent car. My first year of driving has gone relatively successfully. No crashes, and only a couple of minor dents to worry about. Plus Im so fed up of being palmed off with rubbish second-hand cars (Yeah, thanks for taking all the good ones, scrappage scheme! Grrr) that I’m just going to give in and hopefully get a shiny new one. My insurance is going to be crippling, but I wont have to worry about MOT’s for the first 3 years! And I’ve been offered some good finance schemes which aren’t as bad as I thought they were going to be…no demons with fiddles, or pens filled with blood – which is a good start!

And in the meantime, I get to sink my teeth into a legal battle to get a refund for the current car! Hoorah! Nothing I like more than making a fuss when I don’t get What I Want! It’s what makes me such a good Bitch when someone pays me to be I need to be 😉

So today, I’m sending out my March special offers to the email mailing list, and am sure I’ll be doing some Extra Special offers on my twitter and Mobile phone alerts! To make sure you’re party to them, then fill out the forms on my website at, or send your email and/or mobile number to

(PS, Due to a severe lack of common sense, I think it’s unfortunately necessary to remind you that the mobile and twitter alerts are for same day INCALL offers, so it helps if you’re in London! Unless you’re willing to do some hardcore spontaneous travelling. Replying with ‘But I’m in Glasgow/Dubai/Buttfucknowhere-on-the-sea’ will merely get you laughed at. Severely.)


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