My head is spinning…

Hmm…what can I blog about? What pressing issues are pawing at my cranium, desperate to be vented?

Not. Bloody. Much.

I feel like I should be outraged that Kevin Smith got chucked off his flight for being too fat, but he normally buys two seats anyway so he’s pandered to them in the past. He should have complained a long time ago about buying two seats in the first place. Besides, I still haven’t quite forgiven him for Jersey Girl.

Am I pissed off that my new car is overheating already? That it’s the third one I’ve bought in as many months? Not really…It’s a second hand one (I’m sooo not ready for a brand new shiny grown-up car yet!) and considering the last one got laughed out the garage, it’s an improvement. Plus I love driving it, so am happy to pay to get it’s an automatic, so I get to drive a dodgem everyday!

How about how easily smitten I am, and how I’m hoping serendipity will step in, and step up. I would, but it would involve breaking my Cardinal Rule of not getting involved with clients. (It was only made after several bad, but mostly embaressing experiences from back in my noobie days.) And it simply can’t be done. So booo, I must be boring and dull, and resist temptation. Which is never fun and I totally advise against it!

Perhaps I could divulge how I’m currently drowning in colour swatches, trying to figure out what to paint, and where…as well as how. Me and paint have a tenuous relationship at best. It never goes where I want it to. I was always bad at colouring in the lines.

Maybe you’d like to hear about how quickly I’ve been romping through a ‘House’ boxset, and now I’m convinced with every cough and sniffle that I’m going down with some random rare disease that must be cured in 24 hours. Yeah, I’m having a break from that for a bit…

But at the moment, I’m more interested in why the packet of Pink Wafers I’m currently sweeping through says it’s ‘All natural colours’. What the hell?

I know what’ll cure all this. Another new episode of Lost –  that never fails to answer life’s little questions.


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