Love is a doing word…

Damn. Damn. Damn.

I’ve missed out several entries I should have made, but have been far too rushed off my feet (well, what feet I have left) to make time. So…sorry.

Anyway, Things started going a bit wrong from Saturday.

I completely overestimated the effect of gravity on my brand new pair of heels, and subsequently ended up falling over several times. Floors, steps and chairs were all obsticles I just couldn’t quite manovre round, and I ended up buggering my ankle up, and bruising/scraping/destroying my legs. So Gravitymay have won the battle, but I’m still convinced that one day I’ll win the war!

So the first couple of days of the week were spent hobbling around, and then I got called into my normal job for the last few days. So life has passed me by, and now I have a backlog of Stuff To Do.

Such Stuff To Do was all ready to be done over the weekend, but I think Valentines day must have boiled the blood of some fine young men out there! And, like me, they found the best way to get over it was to shag the living daylights out of some cheerful, fruity and wild young thing! Hoorah!

So Saturday Romps totally allowed me to stcok up on the choccies, pinot and boxsets for some lazy Sunday antics with some other single friends of mine đŸ™‚ Pefect! Especially as the Saturday romps were just so….Mmmm, tingly!

Tragically, my backlog continues and I have a multitude of mundane missions that need mastering. One of which involves completely redecorating my working flat. I’ve always put it off because I was never sure how long I was going to use it for, but sod it. I’m happy there, have set everything up just the way I want it, and I spend far too long there anyway. So everything’s getting a fresh coat of paint in the next few weeks, and I’m going to put a bit of va-va-voom into the bedoom (yes, and bathroom!).

Hopefully it’ll all be in time for the new website I keep promising myself.



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