You know we belong together…

Back at the beginning of the year, I briefly caught a glimpse of some TV astrologer giving her opinions (or the opinions of The Stars) on what’s going to be happening this year for various star signs.

My sign was big on travel this year.

Pah! Thought I. Certainly not. After my last few years of tripping around, I really had no inclination to travel, and wanted to concentrate more on Other Things.

However, 3 weeks later and it’s all change. I have a holiday booked to Sharm El Sheikh in April, and am on the brink of a sojourn to Australia in March! (There’s also the very exciting prospect of Butlins in Minehead for my sisters hen party in June, but thats one’s just too mind blowing to even contemplate right now). I’m not entirely sure how thats happened, but Im glad it has!

So you better get me whilst you can, cos who know where I’ll be whisked off to next…or how long it’ll take me to recover from some almighty jetlag!



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