Hit me with your best shot…

Years ago, when I first started, I ended up spending a fair old whack of cash on the more kinky kind of toys and tools of the trade – so to speak.

Unfortunately, being a little naive and green, I ended up buying them from Ann Summers. I remember the leg separate bar soon fell apart with the slightest bit of strain to end up as a pole, two cuffs, and a few loose screws.Not much fun to play with at all. The cane snapped, the whips soon unravelled to reveal shonky rubber poles wrapped in gaffa tape, and every set of handcuffs I could find were uncomfortable, or too damn small.

So I gave up.

I’ve had bits and pieces lying around, but never made too much of them.

But there have been an awful lot of times recently, where all I was to do is spank the living daylights out of someone. Not anyone  in particular, you understand, just someone. Anyone. And just vent my frustration in a way we can both enjoy 🙂

So I’m refilling my toy box. Fortunately the internet makes this a little easier than roaming the streets of soho, but I also have to give a big shout out to my homies at the London Alternative Market. I used to go a lot when it was at the Grand in Clapham. It was a massively surreal experience, going from a streetful of sleepy Sunday shoppers into a theatre space filled with kinky marketstalls. But definitely made you feel like you were in on The Big Secret 😉

I also keep meaning to go to the Fetish Fair, but I always seem to be just a little too busy to make it. But now I’m more determined than ever to try and improve my spanking repertoire.. I only hope my wrists can take it.

I’m just going to start with the basics – crop, cane, paddle, and one of those cat-o-nine-tails. Then I just have to think about the logistics of being able to thwack someone without smacking my arm against a nearby wall…

Of course, part of me has been spurred on by a recent client who demanded I go for it.

‘As hard as you can!’

‘As hard as I can?’

‘Oh yes! Just keep going..I’m sure you can’t do me much harm.’

‘Hey…don’t let this ladylike, foxy exterior fool you. I got guns, Baby.’

And sure enough, I did..and I do. After about 5 minutes, he admitted defeat and had to rest up. So I figured that maybe I have a natural talent for this? It’s the second time I’ve been challenged in the ‘Spank-me-as-hard-as-you-can’ game, and I’ve won both times 😀 But it does leave my hand feeling like it lost a fight with a bag of nails, so time to restock the tools.

Hopefully I’ll do a bit better than this..



One Response to “Hit me with your best shot…”

  1. Violette Says:

    Now there is an excuse to visit Amsterdam if ever there was one. 🙂

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