Special rates for special people!

It’s that time of the month again! Another e-mail will be going out soon to all those fortunate enough to be on my mailing list – filled with news and special offers. So if you’re not on it already, then go to my website, fill out the box at the bottom of the pagel, and by the end of the week you’ll be party to Good Times at Reduced Rates! Yey!

You can also follow me on Twitter. It’s great for last minute deals..y’know the ones, where Im all dressed up and ready to go, but some dickhead hasn’t had the courtesy to show up. Or, in this weeks case, didnt use the brains god gave him to check on a map, google, sat nav, or use any other strange witchcraft to find out where the flat was.

Basically, I end up horny, frustrated, and – quite simply – gagging for it, so it’s a great opportunity for anyone near East Finchley to just turn up! It’s one of the few occasions where you wont need to give me 2 hours notice.  How awesome is that?!

So follow me at http://twitter.com/BBWMelody. The feed will also come to my blog (as you can see), but to be truely on the ball, can I suggest submitting your mobile number?

I know this will be tricky for any with significant others, but if you’re free & single then why not email me (melody@melodybbw.co.uk) with your mobile number and you’ll get free, instant special offers. Again, not much notice needed, and significantly reduced rates!

Of course, all the details you give me will be kept secure and private. I wont give them to anyone else, and will use only use my powers for good 🙂



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